Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 522

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Waiting here indefinitely was not a solution.

Sooner or later, Julian would come to settle the score with her.

Diana pondered momentarily, then tore a piece of paper and wrote: ‘I’ve removed you from my
WhatsApp blacklist. Contact me if you need anything.’

After that, she stuck the note in a prominent place and went to the pharmacy to get some medication
before leaving the hospital.

By the time Julian found the message, Diana had long since gone from the hospital.

Julian was confused. ’What does she mean by this?”

The corner of his lips were tilted up in a small as he stared at the paper, then at his phone.

Then, he said to Noel, “She said she removed me from her blacklist, and even told me to contact her if
anything… What do you think she meant?”

Noel considered it for a long time before finally saying, “I’m not sure, sir.”

Noel couldn’t decipher Diana’s intentions at all. After all, she and Julian had a massive argument
before coming to the hospital.

Why the sudden change after she had fainted? It was as if she didn’t care about anything after she
woke up. She even left a note for Julian…

Julian’s expression fell when he saw that even Noel couldn’t make sense of the situation, but the latter
suddenly spoke again.

“Sir, I think I understand.”

“What is it?

“Madam is trying to send you a signal.”

Julian looked at the note a few more times, then at Diana’s name on his phone to confirm that he
wasn’t dreaming. He asked Noel eagerly, “What signal?”

“Perhaps she could tell the change in your attitude toward Kayla and felt relieved deep down. Now,
she’s trying to reconnect with you.”

Julian was somewhat skeptical. “Really?”

Noel shrugged and simply said, “Otherwise, how do you explain this note?”

After all, Diana took the initiative to ask Julian to contact her.

This went against her previous determination not to meet Julian.

The more Julian thought about it, the more reasonable Noel’s deduction seemed. Without much
thought, he glanced at Noel as though the latter held all the knowledge in the world in his hands and
asked, “So, what should I do now?”

Noel had never been on the receiving end of such an expectant gaze from Julian before. Suddenly, he
felt the task on his shoulders pressing down on him with a force greater than the heavens.

After careful consideration, he said, “I have an idea.”

He leaned in closer and whispered into Julian’s ears.

After a while, the two reached an agreement.

“Hmm,” Julian hummed with a nod. “Alright. Let’s do that.”

Meanwhile, Kayla was still sitting blankly in the bed in her ward.

Julian had left quite some time ago, but she still couldn’t return to her senses.

Kayla had lost.

Utterly and completely.

She had lost…!

Even after snatching Diana’s identity as the young lady of the Winnington family, taking away her
parents’ love, taking credit for saving Julian’s life, and even causing the death of Diana’s children, as
well as digging up their graves…

She had done so much, yet it seemed she hadn’t truly defeated Diana.

Instead, everything she did only strengthened Julian’s affection for Diana.

Whenever she thought about the determined look on Julian’s face when he replied to her question, it
felt as if someone had taken a knife and was slowly inserting it into her heart, little by little…

Without regard for her life.

It was a slow, burning torture that was gradually draining her soul.

“You, I like you.” Julian’s words echoed in her ears. “But that affection is like family, and also a gratitude
towards a benefactor.”

Not as a lover, not as a partner, and certainly not the love between husband and wife.

He promptly told her not to take him calling her his fiancee seriously.

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