Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 520

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James’s eyes widened at Diana’s words.

When he showed her his call records, he hadn’t intended for this to happen!

He wanted Diana to see his good side, to know that he had once wanted to tip her off and that he had
once felt guilty.

But he didn’t expect Diana to be so heartless and associate it with their last conversation.

In other words, the one time Diana called with concern about him, he was in the midst of the despicable
act of digging her children’s graves…

James quickly snapped back to his senses and hurriedly explained to Diana, “That wasn’t my intention!
Everything that day was all Kayla’s doing-“

“That day will be the last time I ever consider you my father from the bottom of my heart,” Diana said
with clenched fists.

Her nails dug into her palm painfully as she issued her final ultimatum to James, seemingly calm.

In reality, there were a thousand needles stabbing into her heart.

Upon hearing this, James’s face turned pale instantly; his hand holding the phone trembled.


Kayla had already been disfigured, and it would be even more difficult for her to win Julian’s heart.

As such, James held onto the hope of seeking Diana’s forgiveness, even if he had to kneel before her.

But Diana…

She couldn’t treat him like this!

If she treated him like this, how could he gain any benefits from the Fulcher family?

As soon as James thought about it, he became so anxious that his face turned red. Once more, he
banged his forehead loudly on the ground.

“Diana, don’t be angry! Why don’t we have a proper conversation?”

“Yes, why don’t we talk?” Diana squatted down, aligning her gaze with his.

Indeed, there was a trace of her in James’s face.

After all, they had the same blood running in their veins. Alas, their relationship was even worse than
that of strangers.

Diana took a deep breath, a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. Yet there was no warmth in her
eyes; only intense hatred.

“Crawl back,” she said.

James froze.

“Diana, are you serious?”

“What a joke.” Diana’s eyes grew colder. “Why did you bring Kate here to stage this drama? Were you
putting up airs and acting and pretending just to show off to me?

Her dainty eyes were clear, yet they carried a powerful sense of oppression.

James couldn’t help but lower his head in fear.

Diana had struck a chord in his heart, and he couldn’t or dare to answer.

“If you cant do it, stop being pretentious about it.”

She wasn’t a child who would follow along just because she was given a little treat.

James and Kate had hurt her heart deeply, and she had lost hope of any familial affection.

James still didn’t answer, nor did he make any move.

Diana understood. “Although you refuse to do it today, there will come a day when I will make you do

She vowed to obliterate every last bit of James’s dignity in Richburgh!

She wanted to turn the thing James cared most about into a resounding slap, hitting his face at every
moment so that he would never forget it!

“Diana!” James looked at her in disbelief. “Are you trying to drive me to my grave?”

Her heart was even more ruthless than Kayla’s!

He shouldn’t have come here, deluding himself into begging for this girl’s forgiveness.

This uncultured girl who grew up in the countryside didn’t have a heart at all!

After speaking, he glanced behind Diana and noted that the noble figure he thought he had seen had
long disappeared without a trace, as if he had never been here.

Perhaps he had overestimated Diana’s position in Julian’s heart.

Julian was a man, after all. It was easy enough for men to change their minds.

It was possible that Julian didn’t have such deep feelings for Diana as Kayla had thought.

Thinking of this, James breathed a sigh of relief. He immediately got up and pulled Kate. “Let’s go!”

Hah! Let’s see what Diana could do to him after this!

But at this moment, Kate hesitated.

In fact, she hadn’t figured out the reason behind James’s actions today. At this moment, James’s
behavior coincided with her intentions.

“I’ve said it before. We didn’t need to come here to plead with this girl. I shouldn’t have even made
those noodles for her!”

After she finished speaking, she glared at Diana and changed direction, pulling James along with her.

“Let’s go check on Kayla.”

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