Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 521

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After Kate finished speaking, she hurriedly glanced behind. Soon, someone brought her a pile of
nutrient supplements.

Kate held them to her chest and walked past Diana coldly.

How ridiculous!

Diana watched the older woman’s retreating back with a bitter smile.

She knew Kate would be biased, but she hadn’t considered the extent of the latter’s blatant favoritism.

Even after making it clear that Diana’s disappearance had been deliberate, Kate could still act as if
nothing had happened!

She was truly…

A heartless person.

Diana was ashamed to have such wicked parents.

Still, she wanted to see if Kate would have even a moment of regret or heartache for her, or if Kate
would turn around to spare her a glance.

So, she followed them.

She followed them until she saw them enter Kayla’s ward with a pile of nutrient supplements before
returning to her own room.

It was pointless to keep hoping.

She should stop.

For Diana, familial and romantic love were truly the cruelest things in this world.

Unfortunately, fate seemed to enjoy arranging these painful encounters for her.

Diana sat by the bedside and pondered about the photo Oliver had given her. The bitter smile returned
to her lips once more.

She wouldn’t acknowledge Julian, or let him misunderstand that she wanted to gain something from
him through this favor.

She would just wait patiently in the ward.

She would wait for Julian to come to settle accounts with her over what she had done to Kayla.

But even as time passed, Julian never did show up.

Noel didn’t understand. ‘Sir, the madam has already woken up. Why don’t you go and see her?”

To stay by someone’s side when they were unconscious and then disappear when that person
regained consciousness… It didn’t seem like the actions of one who was pursuing the other.

Instead, it seemed like one who was intentionally hiding their feelings and avoiding his object of

“And even… Even when Mr. Winnington came, you didn’t step in to see what was happening.”

“Nothing happened to her,” Julian said, finally responding to Noel.

Although they were standing far away at the time, they could still see how passive James and Kate had
been acting.

As long as Diana wasn’t being harassed, Julian wouldn’t rush to her side. He knew his presence would
make her feel uncomfortable.

Noel sighed. He had never seen Julian acting so cautiously before. With how the man was acting, Noel
didn’t push the matter anymore for fear of upsetting his boss.

Instead, he asked, “What about Miss Kayla?”

“Do as I said.’

Julian had promised to restore her throat, but her face… There was no need to return it to its original

There was also no need for Kayla to maintain such a high resemblance to Diana.

“As soon as Kayla intends to ask for compensation, report to me immediately.”

“Understood,’ Noel replied. “And what about madam?”

“I won’t see her for now,” Julian said.

When he closed his eyes, the scene of Diana fainting in his arms before coming to the hospital would
replay in his mind.

This wasn’t the first time Diana had fainted since Kayla returned to the country, and Julian didn’t want
another repeat of it.

The best solution, for now, was to not meet her so she wouldn’t be uneasy.

Diana waited for Julian in the ward for a long time.

She waited from dawn till dusk, yet she still didn’t see his figure.

It was just as she had expected.

In the end, the only one he cared about most was Kayla.

She was grateful she hadn’t brought out that photo and revealed that she had once saved him.

Otherwise, what awaited her would surely only be utter humiliation.

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