Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 519

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When Diana saw Kate’s reaction, her smile grew colder.

She didn’t bother responding to Kate’s words and continued, “Or perhaps you want me to forgive
James for desecrating the grave of my children?”

“Or maybe you want me to forgive the coldness you showed when I came to claim my identity?”

“Or do you want me to forgive your intentions of marrying me off to that old man from the Pabian

“Or maybe, you want me to forgive you for your choice between me and Kayla?”

Who were they to speak of asking for her forgiveness?!

“No! There’s no need for that!”

The string of questions made James’s head spin like a vortex.

“As long as you’re happy, it doesn’t matter if you forgive us or not! But I hope you wont be angry
anymore. It’s not worth harming your health because of parents like us!”

James’s attitude was completely different than usual.

Diana studied him for a while, but she couldn’t figure out the ulterior motives behind his change of

After a short pause, Diana asked,” Really…? You don’t expect my forgiveness? You just want me to not
get angry?”

James had a sense of foreboding, but when he thought of Julian, he forced a smile and nodded

“Yes, of course! I made a big mistake! How could I expect forgiveness? As long as you’re not angry, I’ll
do anything!”

Even though Diana had hurt Kayla, Julian hadn’t pursued the matter.

Julian’s stance couldn’t be more apparent, and James was submitting to Diana right now purely for

That’s why he was so compliant with Diana.

Yet at this moment, as he looked into Diana’s eyes and felt the scars on his body, he suddenly felt that
he might have thought too lightly of his daughter.

Despite that, things had come to this point. He could only steel himself and ask, “What do you want me
to do?”

Diana fell silent for a moment. Finally, she said, “Nothing.”

She smiled gently, as if she hadn’t taken anything to heart. She looked majestic, like a fairy untouched
by dust, but her every move carried a faint authority that could determine one’s fate.

“If you crawl back to the Winnington residence from here, I won’t be angry,” she said.

James was speechless.

Kate, however, exclaimed furiously, “Diana!”

The Winnington family was, after all, a prestigious and influential family. James valued his reputation; if
he really did as Diana requested, they would end up being a laughingstock of the capital!

Not only James, but the entire family would also be humiliated!

The head of their family, who had never liked James from the start, might even kick him out of the

If that were to happen, what would her years of perseverance and endurance amount to?!

Kate’s heart tightened.

“You can’t ask that of your father!”

“Let me reiterate once more. I have parents,” Diana said, her gaze turning even colder. The same cold
eyes swept across Kate with a hint of disdain.” And you shouldn’t casually claim to be my parents

“Besides, I didn’t ask James to do anything. I’m just following his wishes to fulfill his desire for me not to
get angry.”

Hadn’t James said it? As long as Diana didn’t get angry, he would do anything.

Indeed, it was James himself who had brought it up.

However, he didn’t expect Diana to devise such a malicious task.

A wave of fury crashed over him, and he wanted nothing more than to confront Diana. However, once
again, he suppressed his anger and smiled.

He then took out his phone and showed it to Diana. “Look.”

“What is it?”

“Call records.”

James leaned closer to her and said, “After we dug the grave, I wanted to inform you right away. But
you didn’t answer my calls…”

Call records… Phone…

As he mentioned it, something flashed in Diana’s mind. Her voice trembled as she said slowly, “On that
rainy day when I called you, thinking something had happened to you, you were actually digging up the
grave, weren’t you?”

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