Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 517

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Would the boy Diana once worked so hard to save turn out to be a man who couldn’t spare a thought
about his own flesh and blood?

And yet…

A bitter smile reached her lips.

Why on earth was she here in the first place?

Was she here to listen to Julian’s heartfelt confession to Kayla?

Biased people would remain that way forever. There was no changing them.

Hadn’t she seen enough of this in her own biological parents?

Why would Julian reassess everything between the three of them just because of an insignificant life-
saving grace?

Her current mood was the same as when Nina dragged her to the balcony to watch Julian and Kayla.

It was terrible.

It was painful.

It hurt to the point she didn’t want to look or think about it. At the same time, she also refused to
communicate with Julian.

It was lucky she hadn’t gone in yet.

If she had gone in and told Julian about the fact she had saved his life when they were younger, all she
would’ve received in return was abject humiliation.

The promises and confessions he had made in the past were all just an act. Diana should forget about
them all and hold no expectations of them, none whatsoever!

If she didn’t, what awaited her would be scenes like today, where she was forced to witness Julian
showing deep kindness and confessing to Kayla again.

As for this debt of gratitude…

Diana didn’t want to use it to hold Julian hostage. And…she didn’t want to face the moment Julian
would undoubtedly disappoint her once more.

She would rather bury this secret deep in her heart.

If Julian wanted to hold her responsible for disfiguring Kayla, she would let him do so.

She was fearless now, and had nothing to lose. As long as she could vent her anger for her babies,
that was enough comfort.

Besides, the grave-digging matter wasn’t over yet.

She was going to visit the Winnington family, where James was.

However, she didn’t expect that she wouldn’t need to go over there in person. Instead, Kate brought
James to the hospital.

It was unclear where they had received the news, but they had gotten the right room and was waiting
outside Diana’s ward.

No. To be precise, Kate was kneeling outside Diana’s ward.

James, on the other hand, stood on his tiptoes, looking around the room from the doorway.

Diana found a trash bin and casually threw the photo of Julian as a child into it, then walked towards
them with a cold face. ’Why are you here?’

“We’re your parents,’ James said with a smile, obviously trying to appease her. “We heard you fainted
and came to visit you, of course.”

“You came to…visit me. If so, is it necessary to kneel?”

When she heard this, Kate crawled on her knees towards Diana. She begged, “Diana! Forgive your

Oh? So she also knew of the terrible thing James had done!

Diana took a step forward, raised her hand, and slapped James across the face.

This slap landed on James’s face and struck Kate in the heart.

Like a madwoman, Kate jumped up with wide eyes and immediately pulled James behind her. She
clenched her fist as she looked at Diana and screamed, “You uncultured thing! He’s your father!’

Diana sneered, “Father? Cultured? Haha.’

She glanced at Kate. “I don’t have parents, remember? I came from the countryside. I don’t know what
a father is, let alone what cultured means!”

Now, she was determined to make James pay the price.

There was a time Diana tried everything to please them, but now…

Diana’s attitude and words shook Kate. For a moment, Kate dared not meet Diana’s piercing gaze.

“Kate,” Diana said calmly, though her voice dripped with venomous sarcasm. “Do you have any idea
what that man behind you has done to me?

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