Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 518

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“What? What are you talking about?” Kate continued looking at Diana, anger burning in her eyes, as if
they were archenemies rather than mother and daughter.

Diana felt her heart grow increasingly colder at Kate’s gaze. She gritted her teeth and was about to
speak, but then she noticed a flicker of panic on James’s face.

Suddenly, he raised his hand and slapped himself hard. A loud smack resounded in the hallway.

It was even stronger than the force of Diana’s previous slap.

He looked at Diana with a face bearing the imprint of his palm.

“Diana, I’m so sorry. It was my fault. I shouldn’t have…”

“Shouldn’t have what?” Diana pressed, sharply and relentlessly.

“I…I shouldn’t have dug up your children’s gr-gra…”

James couldn’t even bring himself to finish the sentence. His whole body was already trembling like the
final leaf on a dry branch.

Instead, he dropped loudly to his knees and bowed continuously to Diana as he pleaded, “Please, I beg
you… I beg you!”

This man, who always cared about his reputation, was now prostrating himself at the feet of his most
despised daughter.

“Please forgive me. I was wrong. I’m sorry!”

Kate couldn’t bear to see this and tried to pull him up. “Get up!”

She didn’t understand!

“Even if you dug up the children’s grave, what difference does it make? Those two children were
stillborn! But you are Diana’s father, a living person. How could she humiliate you like this?!”

James’s heart pounded harder in his chest with each word Kate uttered.

He kept glancing behind Diana, and his panic grew stronger as her elegant figure drew closer.

He continued hitting his forehead against the ground, the dull sound echoing in the hallway over and
over again.

The broken skin on his forehead from the repeated knocks broke Kate’s heart. At the same time, she
felt that doing this in front of everyone was embarrassing.

But no matter how she tried to pull James up, he refused to get up.

Instead, with a swift movement, he slapped Kate across the face.

“You damned woman! Shut up!”

James looked at Diana and saw how her face was turning colder by the second. He immediately knew
that Kate’s words had only served to fuel the fire that was already burning bright in Diana’s heart.

The panic in his heart grew, and he could only intensify his bows to the younger woman. He even
grabbed Kate and forced her to kneel together to apologize to Diana.

“Diana, your mother and I were foolish! Please, will you forgive us?”

Tears streamed down his face as he spoke, and he raised his palm to strike himself on the face, one
slap after another.

It wasn’t until his forehead and cheeks were completely covered in bruises that he stopped and looked
at Diana with pleading eyes.

This was a hospital.

People were coming and going, and the commotion they caused became the center of attention.

Through bits and pieces of their conversation, some people concluded that Diana was heartless and
cold, and they began to criticize her.

However, Diana stood in the center of the whirlpool, her expression unchanged.

With her arms crossed in a defensive and indifferent posture, she looked at the couple without any
intention of letting them get up, only sneering,” Forgive you?”

How easily he had said those words!

“Should I forgive my father for deliberately losing me when I was three years old? Or should I forgive
my mother for knowing full well that my father was involved in my disappearance, yet still turned a blind
eye to it?”

As soon as Diana finished speaking, the faces of James and Kate changed.

Especially Kate.


She never imagined that Diana would know so much, let alone see through her indulgence of James.

After all these years, she had even forgotten that she had vaguely guessed that Diana’s disappearance
was no accident.

In the end, she chose to prioritize her position as James’s wife and the man himself, thereby giving up
her own daughter for her own ease.

Now that Diana had accused her in such a way, the secret she had suppressed deeply in her heart
seemed to have been ripped out forcefully and displayed in the open.

“What nonsense are you talking about!”

At the end of the day, she was unwilling to admit her cruelty to her daughter.

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