Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 516

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Julian’s words were sharp, and his tone was cutting.

In fact, this was how he had always been. He was never one who minced his words.

Though his heart could be vulnerable at times, he would still deliver words that stung like thorns.

Moreover, the person he was facing now was Kayla and not Diana.

He was well aware of the difference.

Kayla’s current predicament wasn’t enough reason for him to show pity toward a woman.

Often, pity was an illusion of love.

He was certain of his love for Diana, so he wouldn’t give Kayla any chance to misunderstand him or
harbor any illusions that she still had a shot with him.

“I spared your life last time because I was repaying your favor from saving me.’

Kayla looked at Julian, eyes wide with disbelief. Even her mouth was hanging open.

Despite having known Julian for so many years, it seemed he was becoming increasingly clear-headed
about her.

Now, he didn’t even care about her tears anymore.

Kayla had no choice but to admit that her presence in his heart was starting to diminish.

Thinking of this, she started to feel frightened about the grave-digging incident.

Alas, what’s done was done. For now, she could only grit her teeth and deny everything, and never
ever bring it up.

However, the guilt in her eyes betrayed her thoughts.

“Are you still hiding something from me?” Julian asked in an intimidating manner, forcing her to look up.

Kayla was startled. Tears threatened to fall from her eyes, but she was so frightened that she didn’t
dare let them fall.

“N-No. There’s nothing. Nothing at all.*

A tear slipped out and seeped into the bandage, and the pain made her instinctively grimace.


Julian knew he had been harsh with his words this time. As such, he averted his gaze to take the
pressure off Kayla.

“Take care of yourself, and let me know whenever you decide on the compensation you want.”

This was his final act of mercy.

“Also, I won’t go to your apartment anymore.”

The fact that Kayla lived downstairs from Diana had been exposed. It would surely upset Kayla if he
were to go there again and meet Diana.

Julian would rather choose not to see her, secretly longing for her, than see Diana unhappy.

Kayla was truly heartbroken.

She couldn’t understand how she and Julian had reached this point.

When she went abroad all those years ago, she had everything under control.

Even after returning to the country, she was full of spirit, eagerly waiting for Julian to divorce and then
replace Diana to marry into the Fulcher family.

At that time, she hadn’t thought much of Diana.

She even thought that Diana was merely a substitute.

She looked at the incomparable man before her and said, “I’ve said it before. I don’t want the car, the
house, or the money.” She tightened the blanket, wanting to push further. “I just want to know, in your
heart, did you fall in love with Diana or me first?”

“You,” Julian replied without hesitation. “I fell in love with you.”

Unbeknownst to him, Diana had just arrived outside the door. She had planned to knock and go in, but
stepped back abruptly upon hearing these words.

Initially, she had come here to resolve things in person with Kayla and Julian.

After all, she had vented all the anger that she needed to.

Kayla’s face was already disfigured, and Diana couldn’t bring herself to kill her.

Moreover, when Oliver brought Kayla to her doorstep, he gave her a small box.

He had said that no matter how she treated Kayla, Julian wouldn’t hold her accountable, as it was a
lifesaving charm.

After waking up just now and opening the box, she saw that its content was a photo Oliver had shown
her on her birthday.

But the difference now was there was a name behind it… Julian.

The boy was Julian.

She had never imagined that their encounter began so early.

Even more unimaginable was that Julian was the boy she actually saved back then!

Her determination to draw a clear line with Julian wavered once more.

Diana intended to tell him about their connection and see how Julian would react to Kayla if she
clarified the grave-digging incident.

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