Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 515

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At this moment, it was better to say less and pretend to know nothing.

Julian sighed again. Nothing in his life had ever been difficult before; and yet, dealing with Diana and
Kayla gave him a feeling of being at a dead end with no way out.

Despite that, he had to find a way out of this.

Otherwise, the three of them would be forever trapped in the same place.

“Kayla.’ Julian sat down by the bed. “Does the wound on your face hurt?”

“It does.”

With him showing concern like this, all the resentment Kayla had been holding in her heart for a long
time finally burst out like a dam.

“But I don’t blame Diana. I know the babies have always been a stumbling block in her heart.’

Julian remained silent. After a while, he lowered his head and said, “I promised to treat your throat. To
be honest, I wasn’t inclined to find a doctor for you as of late, so you couldn’t recover.”

So, he knew that he hadn’t been attentive.

For the first time in her life, Kayla felt a deep and agonizing pain in her heart.

The man in front of her was the one who caused it.

For the first time, she felt that perhaps she genuinely cared about Julian himself even if she still desired
the position of Mrs. Fulcher.

In any case, she didn’t want to lose the possibility of marrying Julian.

With that, she grabbed his sleeve.

Julian felt the movement. He didn’t push her away, and instead quietly undid the cufflink so that Kayla
was left with a bare button in her hand.

Kayla was left speechless at his actions.

Did he think she wanted his cufflink?!

She wanted to grab his wrist!

But Julian acted as if nothing was amiss and continued, ’Since Diana did that to your face, I bear some
responsibility for that.”

He should’ve explained the punishment he had imposed on Kayla to Diana, instead of backing down
and causing Diana’s resentment to grow to this extent.

“Diana was the one who did it, not you,’ Kayla said.

She hated how Julian was speaking up for Diana, and immediately tightened her grip on the cuff.

“It has nothing to do with you.”

That button was in the shape of a pentagram with sharp edges.

As it pierced into her skin, she also felt the same aching pain through her heart.

She had never felt so stifled before.

However, Julian wasn’t finished. He ignored the look on her face and stared at the scar.

“How much money do you want?”

Kayla paused for a moment before realizing what he meant.

“You want to compensate me?”

“Yes,” Julian said with a nod. “I mentioned it last time. Whatever you want, whether it’s a car, house, or
money… I’ll give you anything.’

Kayla let out a sigh of relief. She didn’t intend to put on a show before him this time, but tears silently
streamed down her face.

They landed on the gauze covering her wound, immediately seeping in and intensifying the pain.

“The way I feel right now is exactly the same as when Diana splashed salt water on my face.’

“Kayla,” Julian said warningly. He didn’t like Kayla speaking ill of Diana. “I’m sure she has her reason
for doing so.’

After experiencing so much, he could clearly see which sister was the kinder one.

Kayla nearly choked at his words.

“So you’re saying I brought this upon myself?”

She didn’t realize that her voice had become louder and slightly sharper.

Julian didn’t move, but his gaze turned much colder.

It was only a slight change in the corner of his eyes, and he tilted his sharp chin forward. His gaze was
on Kayla’s eyelids, and they appeared increasingly indifferent.

Just like that, her courage wilted, and more tears flowed down her cheeks.

“Isn’t it true?” Julian said, showing no sign of softening despite her pitiful tears. “There are some things
I don’t want to spell out clearly, but ultimately, it was you who harmed your own throat. As for your

Though Diana did play a part in some, you were the one who lashed out at her babies first.”

Although Kayla wasn’t the fatal cause of Diana’s miscarriage, she was the primary reason.

In the end, Julian always had a bottom line in his heart.

“Considering your circumstances, you should be keeping your head low.

Why do you always fail to understand your own predicament?”

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