Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 513

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If Diana couldn’t tolerate Kayla’s existence in this world anymore, Julian would take action in her stead.
However, under no circumstances would he ever hand the knife to Diana and let her do it with her own

Diana could see how anxious Julian was through the peephole.

He would always be that way whenever Kayla was concerned.

It was quite interesting, wasn’t it?

The man who once claimed that everything he felt for Kayla was simply out of obligation, and that the
one he truly loved was Diana…

Would go all out to protect the woman he considered to be indebted to.

What was love, then?

In the end, it was only a hollow word from Julian’s lips.

Diana shouldn’t have taken it seriously in the first place.

She lowered her head at the thought, and sorrow flickered in her eyes.

Only a few seconds had passed, but Julian couldn’t wait any longer. He had Noel bring the property
management in charge of the apartment and pry open Diana’s door.

He moved so quickly that Diana didn’t have time to react.


Julian rushed in as soon as the door was unlocked.

Seeing that Kayla was still alive, the heavy feeling in his heart disappeared immediately. Then, he
turned to look at Diana.

Diana couldn’t decipher the look in his eyes because her own eyes had started to burn, and tears
started rolling down her cheeks without stopping.

It was unfair.

It was truly unfair!

Every time she encountered this man, her chest would be filled with the same emotions.

She was only trying to seek justice for her babies, to demand a debt be paid. Yet, his actions as their
father right now was truly unfair.

He didn’t care about the cause or reason. He only cared about Kayla.

Already weak from not eating for two days straight after the grave-digging incident, Diana couldn’t hold
it any longer. She clutched the knife in her hand, tears flooding her eyes, and opened her mouth to say
something to the man before her.

However, she fell into a dead faint before she could speak.

Julian turned pale with fright. He reached out and caught her in time, continuously calling her name,
“Diana! Diana!”

Unfortunately, she couldn’t hear any of it.

There was no longer any hope in her world, where her children’s graves had been dug up and their
ashes washed down by the rain.

Julian’s appearance worked her up, causing her mental state to become even more fragile.

The fact she fainted wasn’t surprising.

At the hospital, Vans reassured Julian, “As long as she finishes two bottles of these nutrient
supplements, there shouldn’t be any problem.”

“What about Kayla?”

In the two days after Diana passed out, Julian hadn’t gone to see how

Kayla was doing even once.

“She’s fine,” Vans said. The scar on her face, though… That’ll be tough to heal.”

“Give her money,” Julian said. “Give her enough of it.”

He would make amends for the trouble Diana had caused.

And he wanted to settle everything before Diana woke up.

“You should take a look,” Vans said, knowing that Julian would never leave Diana’s side. “At Kayla, I
mean. Her voice is ruined, and now, it’s her appearance. I don’t think it’s a problem you can solve with
money alone.”

If it weren’t for the life-saving grace Julian had for Kayla, he definitely wouldn’t have gone to her.

He also wanted to wait for Diana to wake up and ask her why she had acted so harshly and recklessly
out of the blue.

Since the incident with the babies, Diana hadn’t done anything to Kayla. But after all this time, she
suddenly ignored her studio and insisted on taking action against Kayla.

He couldn’t help but feel that there was something he was missing.

Julian glanced at Vans before he left. “Do you really not know what’s going on?”

Vans shrugged. “I really don’t.”

Then, he flashed the ring on his hand to Julian. “Nina hasn’t been talking to me lately, either.”

“…Have you really decided to get engaged to the Smith family?”

“Even if I don’t get engaged to the Smith family, there’s still the Sullivan family, the Lorren family, and
many more,” Vans said, giving Julian a helpless smile. “You know better than anyone the rules in our
circle. But…

You’re the only one who has the right to choose, you know?”

Vans had never thought about confronting his family.

He knew he would never be able to come out on top.

Thus, the only thing he could do was obediently follow their lead.

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