Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 512

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Diana was completely unaffected by Kayla’s tears, and her calmness was terrifying.

It was only now that Kayla remembered how Diana had survived a rather harsh environment her entire

Diana had been so young when she was abandoned by James. Later, Lucy intentionally caused the
death of her foster parents, hoping to leave Diana without a single ounce of support.

But even though she was forced to fight with dogs for food just to survive, she had done it and

This woman had gone through the most bitter days in one’s life.

She wasn’t a saint, nor was she an angel.

She was simply one who sought pure and raw revenge!

She hadn’t taken action against Kayla before not because she refused to, but simply because she was
biding her time for the perfect opportunity. However, the incident with the grave ultimately accelerated
her revenge.

Diana in her current state was so intimidating that next to her, Kayla seemed like a pure and innocent

Though Diana was never a good person, she never harbored malicious intent as Kayla did. It was to
the extent that others often forgot that Diana wasn’t a delicate flower in a greenhouse.

Kayla dared not answer.

She had no idea what Diana would do to her next. Perhaps Diana might even take her life! The more
she thought about it, the deeper the fear in her heart intensified.

Coupled with the torture of Diana holding the mirror up just now, Kayla was close to passing out.

For the first time ever, remorse stained Kayla’s gaze as she looked at Diana. As if receiving some form
of consolation, Diana’s suppressed emotions finally improved slightly.

It was her first time being able to do something for her poor babies, despite it being something small
and significant.

And then…

She pulled out a knife.

Fear struck Kayla as she recalled the freezing chill of the blade as it pressed against her neck the other
day. She immediately whimpered and shook her head violently at the sight of it, but Diana showed no
intention of stopping.

Just then…

A loud knock echoed through the room.

It was urgent and forceful.

Diana immediately knew it wasn’t Nina, as she had planned this out well. Nina was working late today,
and Diana didn’t want her friend to see this nasty side of her.

More importantly, she didn’t want to involve Nina.

After receiving confirmation from Oliver some time ago, she deliberately asked for some gossip from
Fanny and passed it on to Nina.

Nina should still be out somewhere staking out a celebrity to take some photos. There was no way she
would come back.

Was it Vans?

And yet, the power behind those rapid knocks…

Diana clenched the knife tightly, and went to the peephole to look.

…It was Julian!

How had he discovered that Kayla was here with her…?!

Diana was confident that she had taken care of every detail perfectly. She had even chosen to turn off
all the lights in the apartment. Logically, Julian shouldn’t have been able to find out about this.

“Diana! Open the door!” Julian called out impatiently.

Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine that Oliver would take Kayla away only to bring her to

That b*stard!

Did Oliver have a clue how strange Diana had been acting lately? There was a real possibility that she
might do something drastic like kill both Kayla and herself!

No, it was also his own fault. He had been negligent.

None of this would’ve happened if he hadn’t given Kayla to Oliver.

“Diana! What have you done to Kayla?”

Julian desperately hoped that neither of them had come to harm.

Diana could be reckless when angry, but underneath it all, she was a kind soul. If she really did take
Kayla’s life, she wouldn’t be able to stop condemning herself even if he helped her avoid all legal

He was certain she would be plagued with guilt for the rest of her life.

Moreover, they were sisters.

At the end of the day, they shared the same blood.

As time passed, it would become increasingly difficult for Diana not to collapse from the sheer regret of
her actions against Kayla.

Julian couldn’t allow Diana to have blood on her hands!

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