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Chapter 509

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If water were to fall on the wound, the pain would undoubtedly be agonizing.

And yet, the pain Kayla would feel wouldn’t even be one-tenth of the torment Diana’s babies was
forced to suffer.

“You should’ve never touched my babies’ grave!”

Not only had Kayla dug up the grave, but she also scattered their ashes!

Every time Diana thought about it, she wished she could burn Kayla into ashes and wash it down with
rainwater as well!

For the time being, she couldn’t.

However, she could make it rain on Kayla’s injured face.

Kayla understood what Diana was planning to do, and she turned pale. Her lips trembled uncontrollably
as she begged, “My dear sister…”

Kayla’s tone was vastly different than before.

“You can’t do this to me! We’re sisters! We have the same father!”

She twisted and turned on the chair Diana had tied her, struggling hard to break free. Yet the more she
struggled, the tighter the ropes gnawed into her skin.

Diana remained indifferent to her every move.

“Julian!” Kayla suddenly screamed.

That finally provoked a reaction out of Diana, and she raised a brow.

When Kayla saw that Diana had loosened her grip, she took the chance to say, “Diana, if you do
anything to me today, Julian won’t let you off the hook!”

Diana knew that was true.

If Julian discovered that she had conspired with Oliver to deceive him and take Kayla to torture her, he
would definitely be furious.

But… What did it matter?

Diana couldn’t wait another day to punish Kayla.

“If he wants to take my life after everything is done, he can have it.”

This time, Diana showed no signs of letting Kayla off. She sneered as she let her gaze trail down the
ugly wound on Kayla’s face.

The scar wasn’t small. It extended from Kayla’s lower eyelid to the corner of her mouth, forming a
curved blade-like shape. It looked particularly striking on Kayla’s fair skin, creating a sense of contrast
between beauty and hideous beastliness.

It was strange.

Diana had done this to Kayla’s face, yet Julian hadn’t held her accountable.

Diana wondered if Oliver had helped her in some way. With how protective Julian was of Kayla,
shouldn’t there be two similar scars engraved on Diana’s face now?

But… He hadn’t reacted.

It was as if Diana had done nothing at all.

In fact, he even called Oliver to retrieve her.

Noel was right; Oliver was powerful. It wouldn’t have been an easy matter to take someone away from
Julian’s protection.

As for what would happen next…

Diana decided not to involve Oliver any further to avoid causing him more trouble. Meanwhile, Kayla
continued to alternate between flattering, cursing, and threatening Diana, interrupting her thoughts.

Despite that, she remained calm and collected on the surface.

Under the gentle surface, however, there lay a sharp edge like that of a hidden blade.

She raised her hand again, and let the water from it drip slowly onto Kayla’s wound.

“Argh!” Kayla hissed, gritting her teeth in great pain. She shot Diana an incredulous look. “You b*tch!
Did you add salt to this water?!”

Diana stood unmoving from her spot.


If Diana hadn’t added salt, how would Kayla learn her lesson?

“You b*tch! I’ll tear you to pieces!” Kayla screamed, thrashing around like a lunatic as she tried to find a
way out of the room. However, Diana pinned her with a glare of daggers.

“If you dare move about again, I’ll pour the entire basin of water on your face. If you don’t believe I’ll do
it, go ahead and try me!”

The few drops Diana had dripped on Kayla’s face had already hurt so much; she couldn’t imagine how
much more painful it would be if Diana poured the entire basin.

No matter how much envy and resentment Kayla had in her eyes, she couldn’t escape Diana’s

This time, everything had been arranged perfectly just to trap her here.

The water continued dripping slowly down Kayla’s face, and Diana said,” Doesn’t it remind you of the
rain that day?”

It was Diana’s birthday that day. The rain wasn’t heavy, but it had been a continuous drizzle. When the
rainwater washed the ashes of her babies away, it was likely with the same continuous trickle, right?
The water must’ve swept them into ditches, roads, and even into the sewers.

How could Kayla be so heartless?


Kayla didn’t regret what she had done, but she was now deathly afraid of what awaited her. She feared
that Diana might really disfigure her, or worse, finish the plan of stabbing her in the neck with a knife!

If Kayla really did die here, Julian wouldn’t seek revenge for her. Hell, he might even help Diana cover
the whole thing up!

The man’s heart was already filled with Diana, and maybe the two would even reconcile because of
this incident.

Thinking of this, Kayla’s fear intensified.

“Diana, stop! I’ll tell you something about the ashes…”

“What about them?” Diana took her hand away, giving Kayla a moment to catch a breath.

Kayla’s face was ghostly pale from the pain.

Saltwater still trickled down from the wound on her face, and she winced from the pain. Nevertheless,
she bit her lip and tried to ignore it.

Soon, Diana quickly lost patience at Kayla’s antics.

“Tell me. What about the ashes?” she demanded.

Kayla could see the urgency in Diana’s eyes. It was clear Diana still cared about two…things even
though they were dead and gone.

Kayla hesitated, her eyes darting back and forth. Finally, she looked up. The smugness in her eyes had
long disappeared, leaving behind only panic as she stuttered, “N-Nothing…”

She lowered her head and continued, “It’s just that… I regret it. I shouldn’t have done it, but…”

Kayla suddenly raised her head again and went on, “You have to understand. It wasn’t just me. Digging
up the graves or letting the ashes be washed down by the rain… I wasn’t the only one involved.”

It felt like someone had shoved their hand into her chest and squeezed her heart with suffocating
tightness. Diana’s heart skipped a beat.

“Who else was involved?!” she growled.

Was it Julian?!

He wouldn’t be so insane to do something like that, right?

Who else would be so ruthless as to help Kayla dig up the graves of Diana’s children?

“James!” Kayla blurted out. “He was the one who dug up the grave!”

She didn’t mention anything about the ashes.

“It was raining that day, and the road conditions were awful. It was impossible for me to have done it
alone,” Kayla explained. “But with James there, it was easy. He’s a man, and he’s strong, after all…”

Diana could hardly bear to listen to Kayla’s words after she heard her blurt out James’s name. The
cruel reality was too much for Diana to take.

Why was everyone from the Winnington family so cruel and heartless?!

“So you shouldn’t only be getting revenge on me,” Kayla finished. “James is also guilty!”

At that, Diana realized that Kayla was trying to save herself by throwing James under the bus.

As expected from a child raised in that family!

A chill ran through her; for the first time in her life, Diana was glad she hadn’t grown up in the
environment the Winningtons had provided Kayla.

She was grateful that she was still human and had a conscience…

Unlike Kayla and James, who didn’t seem to have a single shred of humanity or conscience in their

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