Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 511

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So, how was Kayla pathetic?

Diana was clearly the pathetic one!

Kayla’s eyes snapped wide open. With the garish scar across her face, she looked like a corpse, utterly
devoid of her usual delicate beauty.

“You’re pathetic because everything you have was taken from me,” Diana said firmly. “Family
background, parents, men… I don’t care how good or bad they are. I was the one who never wanted
them in the first place.”

Before Diana was eighteen, she had fantasies about her parents and family.

After turning eighteen, she slowly learned to let go.

When she learned of James’s deplorable actions, she realized she didn’t need to learn how to let things
go. Rather, doing so had become a natural thing.

She didn’t want family members like that.

And then, there was Julian.

Yes, Diana acted as a substitute.

But so what?

There were many things in fate that couldn’t be controlled, but Diana had never acted against her
conscience, much less did she enjoy going against it!

“And you, you simply cant love.”

Kayla had repeatedly used deceitful means to deceive Julian. Not to mention, she wore different masks
in front of Kate and Lucy.

“I’m afraid you can’t even tell which one is the real you, Kayla. You were born as a human, but you’ve
always gone to great lengths to steal from others. Aren’t you pathetic? Yes, Julian likes you. So much,
that he even called you his fiancee! But a man who shows no concern for the death of his own children
is heartless. Why would I regret it if you two get together?”

Kayla listened, stunned.

“Did you just say Julian doesn’t care about their deaths?!”

He went absolutely crazy about it, alright?!

Kayla could still remember vividly the day Julian ordered his men to force the drug down her throat
despite her desperate pleas.

That day, Julian couldn’t care less about their bond forged from childhood. He had permanently
deprived Kayla of her ability to conceive, and so decisively at that. That was also the first time Kayla
witnessed how cold and ruthless he could be.

Yet now, Diana claimed that he didn’t care about their death?

Julian had kept this from Diana…

But why?

Was he afraid Diana would feel guilty if she knew? Or was he afraid Diana would find his punishment
woefully insufficient?

Clearly, it was the former.

He was truly considerate of Diana’s feelings.

The wounds on Kayla’s face seemed to throb even more at this epiphany.

She could feel the deep agony all the way to her stomach; the terrible sensation was exactly the same
as the day she had been force-fed the terrible drug. She slowly curled up, her eyes filled with burning
jealousy as she glared at Diana.

However, Diana couldn’t be bothered by the change in Kayla’s gaze.

To Diana, none of Kayla’s words would ever have anything of value.

With that, she took out some tape and sealed Kayla’s mouth shut again.

“Don’t mention your fiance to me. I don’t want to hear it.”

Diana leaned in close to Kayla, intentionally bringing a mirror with her to reflect their similar faces.

In the mirror, the scar on Kayla’s face had turned terrifyingly pale, providing a stark ugly contrast
against the rest of her features. Under the unrelenting assault of salt water, it even showed signs of
festering, like a disgusting piece of rotten meat stuck to her face.

Diana, who was already more exquisite and stunning than Kayla in looks, appeared all the more

Unable to bear it any longer, Kayla desperately tried to turn her head, not wanting to look at her
reflection anymore. Yet Diana forcefully held her head in place, forcing her to look into the mirror.

Kayla’s nerves slowly began to crumble as she silently categorized their differences. The terrible
physical pain aside, she could also feel excruciating anguish tearing at her soul.

Eventually, tears started to stream down her distorted face.

“Are you crying for yourself, or is it for my babies?”

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