Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 510

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It was also the first time Diana felt the extent of her parent’s favoritism could never be corrected.

She shouldn’t have ever tried to compete with Kayla for their affection or attention, and she definitely
shouldn’t have tried to sow discord in that family.

They were all rotten to the core, and should all rot together in the same family!

Diana didn’t need such people as family, and she didn’t need to get Kayla punished by using James
and Kate either.

Instead, she wanted Kayla to understand first hand that one had to face the consequences when one
did something wrong.

Since Kayla’s parents hadn’t educated her about this fact, then Diana would do it in their stead.

With that thought burning in mind, Diana grabbed the basin and poured its entire contents right on
Kayla’s face, causing the latter to scream in agony.

“Diana! You’re being unreasonable!”

She had already exposed James’s part in this, so why did this b*tch still insist on targeting only her?

“Unreasonable?” Diana repeated, then burst out laughing. “Have you ever been reasonable with me?
Since I was a child when James deliberately lost me, until you dug up the graves of my children and
scattered their ashes… Have any of you ever been reasonable with me?!’

James deserved to be punished, but that didn’t mean Kayla was off the hook either!

Diana seemed thoroughly enraged as she repeatedly and tirelessly poured salt water all over Kayla’s

After doing so ten consecutive times, the wound on Kayla’s face had a white tinge on the edges.

It was the effect from the saltwater.

Even if a miracle doctor came to Kayla now, saving her face would be near impossible.

“I care about my babies, and you’ve destroyed everything I cherished about them. Now, I’ve destroyed
what all girls care about… Your face.”

Diana looked straight into Kayla’s eyes as she spoke, her gaze severe and unflinching.

“What all girls care about? My face?!”

At this point, Kayla had stopped crying and pleading with Diana anymore.

She understood that she had practically rubbed salt into a raw spot of Diana’s.

But even if she had the chance to do it all over again, she would still take it.

The only thing that mattered to her was to ensure Diana was forever miserable.

“Do you think I care about something like this?” Kayla barked. “It’s clearly something you care about,
not me! You’re affected because Julian married you just because of your face! You care about it, as you
became my substitute because of your face! Are you seeking revenge for your babies, or are you
venting your own anger? Hah! In that regard, it looks like you’re more shameless than I am!’

Diana was stunned by Kayla’s words.

She had to admit, Kayla had hit a sore spot. If it weren’t for this face, or for the fact that she had been
treated as Kayla’s substitute, Diana wouldn’t have met Julian. She wouldn’t have gotten pregnant, and
she wouldn’t have needed to let her babies go through so much pain either.

She was the most unqualified mother in the world.

But as long as someone hurt her babies, no matter how unqualified she was, she would fight with all
her might to protect them.

Kayla’s insults couldn’t shake this determination in her heart.

Diana’s eyes were full of mockery as she sneered, “Oh, Kayla. You’re pathetic.’

Kayla saw that Diana was unmoved by her words, and could no longer find any angle of attack. So, she
could only resign to her fate and say, ’How am I pathetic?”

In terms of family background, she was indeed worse off than Diana at first. But now, she was the true
lady of the Winnington family!

In terms of parental love, though Diana was James and Kate’s birth daughter, Kate had always favored
Kayla more.

As for men, though Julian had married Diana, they were now divorced. While he did still love Diana, he
and Diana didn’t even recognize their feelings for each other.

In fact, Diana even assumed that Julian’s true love was Kayla.

The pain of loving someone and not being able to have them, while they filled one’s thoughts all day
and night…

Kayla understood it better than Diana ever could.

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