Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 508

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To prevent Kayla from screaming, Oliver had taped her mouth shut.

It could be said that Kayla was like a fish on Diana’s chopping board, just waiting to be slaughtered.

When Kayla caught sight of Diana, her eyes widened and she began to whimper.

She struggled violently, as if she had something to say.

On the other hand, Diana was in no hurry. She waited until she could thank Oliver properly, and walked
him to the elevator before returning to her apartment.

When she came back into the room, she was holding a brocade box. Inside was a safety charm Oliver
had told her about.

He had agreed to bring Kayla here on the condition that Diana promised to keep herself safe, but that
he would also provide some safety to her in the form of this charm.

Oliver had thought of everything for her.

Yes, there were still many people in this world who cared about her.

Diana felt a burst of warmth in her heart. When she thought about Oliver’s solemn expression, she put
the brocade box carefully in her pocket.

Then, she reached out to tear the tap off Kayla’s mouth.

Kayla winced in pain and cried, “Diana! What the hell do you want from me?! N

“What’s this?” Diana’s gentle demeanor had transformed into that of a hardened gangster.

She gripped Kayla’s chin roughly; in fact, it was considered merciful of her not to twist it off Kayla’s face

“Hmm… So you know what pain is, huh?”

Diana pinched Kayla’s chin so hard that the latter’s skin bruised and turned an ugly purple.

The intense pain made Kayla panic even more. Thinking about how Diana had slid the knife over her
skin the other day without hesitation, she began to believe that she might even die here today!

“W-Where’s Oliver?!”

He had promised Julian that he would send her back.

“I want to see Oliver’’

“He’s already gone,” Diana replied easily, still not letting go of Kayla’s chin.

Kayla’s voice gradually grew hoarser from the position of her head, which made her sound even more
like a crow. It was a hint of what misery she was in for on this dark night.

However, that was far from enough.

Diana checked the rope that bound Kayla, making sure it was nice and tight.

“Don’t dream about anyone coming to save you today,” Diana said as she pointed toward the balcony.
“The glass is soundproof. I’ve locked it, and I doubt Julian could imagine his fiancee being tortured by
his ex-wife upstairs.”

Diana smiled, and there seemed to be a glint of warmth in her eyes. But to Kayla, it looked like the face
of death was staring at her.

“W-What do you want…?”

This time, Kayla finally felt fear.

Diana didn’t reply right away. Instead, she removed the gauze from Kayla’s face, then went to the
bathroom and returned with a basin of water to stand in front of the latter.

“Diana!” Kayla shouted, unable to sit still anymore. “What are you planning to do?!”

“Nothing much,” Diana said calmly. ’Just letting you have a taste of what it feels like to be washed down
by rainwater.”

Her eyes no longer carried the gentle ripples on a lake, but were now a frozen surface that made
people shiver at a glance.

Kayla tried to pull away, screaming for Julian. However, she knew better than Diana that the
soundproofing would be excellent once the glass of a high-end apartment was closed.

Julian wouldn’t hear her, no matter how much she screamed.

Even if he did, he might not take her side after learning the reason behind Diana’s rage. In fact, this
incident might even exhaust the gratitude he had for her saving his life.

Kayla couldn’t possibly gamble on that. That was the last lifeline she could hold onto.

So, she had to rely on herself and desperately try to avoid the water.

“So you do have the will to live, don’t you? I see you struggling so hard, after all.”

But what about her babies?

Whether it was the drug Kayla had given her, the musk, or the attempt in the bathroom to make her
miscarry, or even the grave-robbing incident… Did her babies have the chance to try to fight and

And when the rain washed their ashes away, did they struggle as hard as

Kayla was right now?

Diana didn’t dare imagine it.

Every time she did, she felt her heart break, and she couldn’t breathe.

Her lips turned pale at the thought.

“I can’t make it rain indoors, but I can do it another way with my own hands, ” Diana said as she dipped
her right hand into the water. Then, she raised the basin above Kayla’s head and slowly let the water
fall onto the latter’s scar, where blood was still oozing freely.

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