Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 507

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When Oliver dragged these questions out into the light, Julian felt as if someone had given him a tight
slap on the face.

Reality had beaten him to a pulp, and he was almost roaring in anger; but at the same time, he
whispered in a hoarse voice, “Because she doesn’t like me anymore…!”

“Then, who does she like now?” Oliver pressed.

Julian didn’t dare answer, not did he dare think about it.

But in his heart, he had a faint guess that perhaps Diana still had feelings for him.

However, he didn’t dare admit it.

He was afraid he would once again make a wrong guess about Diana’s thoughts, and do something
that would upset her even more.

After all, she had said that she hoped he would marry Kayla, and that he would never appear before
her again.

For her to make such an earnest request, she must’ve been very disgusted with him.

He shouldn’t delude himself into thinking that she still had feelings for him.

“Stop trying to fool me, Oliver.”

Sure, Julian still had feelings for Diana, and there was a slim possibility that Diana also felt the same
for him. However, to deliberately provoke him about their relationship…

No, he wouldn’t fall for it.

Julian would rather stay in the shadows silently than appear before Diana like a fool and anger her
once more.

Oliver was slightly stunned.

He thought he had given enough hints.

But… Julian obviously didn’t seem to have any intentions of winning Diana back.

Had Oliver read it wrong?

Was Julian’s concern for Diana really just that of a normal ex-husband?

Otherwise, why hadn’t Julian stepped forward to give Diana justice after Kayla had done such a terrible

Aster and Star were his and Diana’s children, weren’t they?

Their graves had been dug up, yet…

Julian didn’t seem to care much about it.

Suddenly, Oliver felt that it wasn’t worth it for Diana to go through such pain. The smile on his face
gradually vanished, and there was even a rare chill in his eyes.

“Mr. Fulcher, please comply with our deal. You have the answer you wanted, so isnt it time for me to
take Kayla?”

Julian didn’t know why Oliver wanted Kayla, but the woman could hazard a guess.

The wounds on her body were still recovering. The ones on her arms were fine, but her face…

Kayla was well aware of how much use and value her face had, since it resembled Diana’s.

She couldn’t let her face be disfigured, much less fall into Diana’s hands! “Julian…” Kayla grabbed
Julian’s arm before Oliver could take her away.

Julian’s shirt was made from satin. It was smooth with a touch of coldness, exactly like the man
wearing it. There was a cold air exuding from him, but Kayla summoned up her courage and said,
“Julian… I want to stay in the apartment.”

The apartment was the safest place for her!

However, Julian calmly pried her hands off him. “Don’t worry. Oliver will bring you back.”

Julian’s words implied that Oliver was only taking her away, and that he didn’t care what the man did to
her as long as Kayla was back safe and sound at the end of the day.

Oliver understood his hint, but pretended to be confused and simply said,” Yeah.”

Oliver chose not to confront Julian head-on right now, as he would first think about how to help Diana
achieve her wish.

As for Julian’s anger at the aftermath…

He would deal with it when the time comes.

However, Kayla was still afraid. “Julian, I really don’t want to go!”

She shook her head repeatedly, tears shining in her eyes. With the gauze on her face, she looked
especially weak. She looked…like Diana when she was at her most vulnerable and crying.

“Kayla,” Julian said, his tone a bit gentler compared to before. But when Kayla looked up, he saw that
her eyes and brows were different from

Diana. A hint of rejection flashed through his eyes, and he said with certainty, “Oliver won’t hurt you.”

Kayla knew she was running out of hope, but she couldn’t say too much as she was afraid it would her
digging up the babies’ grave. In the end, she could only bite her lip silently and look at Oliver.

“…Okay. I’ll go with you.”

On the surface, it seemed like Kayla had gotten in the car and left the apartment. In truth, Oliver simply
brought her upstairs, where Diana had been waiting in her apartment for a long time.

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