Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 506

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Oliver observed Julian for a little while. Then, he gave Julian a smile similar to Diana’s gentle one.
“How about a deal?”

“You couldn’t even handle your family’s business. You left them on purpose to become a doctor in the
emergency department of this hospital. Do you really think you have the right to negotiate a deal with

By now, Julian’s tone had taken on a renewed sharpness.

There was nothing he could do to tone it down. Whenever he thought about Oliver saying that Diana
had accepted his confession, his mind would be a mess.

Thus, he wasn’t in the mood to figure out what Oliver was trying to say.

It was the first time Oliver had seen Julian in such a distracted state. There was a trace of
understanding in his eyes and a hint of disappointment. However, he quickly covered those emotions
up with a smile and continued, ‘I’ll tell you if Diana likes me or not, and you…you have to give me Kayla
for a day.”

Julian didn’t expect this issue to shift to Kayla. He immediately warned Oliver sharply, “You already
have Diana!”

The implication Julian had behind his words was that Oliver shouldn’t try to pursue two women at the
same time, and that he should only be focusing on Diana at the moment.

Julian cared about Diana in every way possible.

As for Kayla, Julian didn’t even bother asking what Oliver wanted with her.

That was fine. The less Julian cared about Kayla, the more confident Oliver was that this would work
out for him.

“So, do you want to make a deal with me?”

He was certain Julian still had lingering feelings for Diana.

Sure enough, after thinking for a moment, Julian agreed. “Deal.’

He wanted a definite answer to confirm Diana’s feelings.

Oliver’s smile widened instantly.

“Don’t you even want to know what I’m going to do with Kayla?”

“What will you do? You won’t kill her, that’s for sure,” Julian said. “You’ve been this way since we were
young. You have the kindest heart among all of us.”

It was because of this same kindness that Oliver was able to be generous enough to give up the
Channing family to the illegitimate son.

It was also why he had left his nest to become a doctor here.

Oliver sensed the frustration in Julian’s words. “You haven’t changed over the years. Still saying words
with barbs, but still as soft-hearted as ever.”

Nobody had judged Julian that way before, and his face darkened immediately. “Oliver!”

Oliver didn’t want to continue a conversation with Julian any longer than necessary. “I’ll pick Kayla up

“What about your answer?”

“I’ll tell you tomorrow.”

The dark circles under Julian’s eyes had worsened when Oliver came to pick Kayla up the next day. He
stood in front of Kayla, staring hard at Oliver.

“She doesn’t like me,” Oliver said bluntly. “She agreed to my confession, but I didn’t accept her

Diana had a request for him, and that was the only reason she agreed to his confession.

It wasn’t because she loved him the same way.

Oliver could tell the difference, and was well aware of her feelings.

She had been desperate, and her anger had turned into a blazing torch that threatened to burn all of
her rationality. Oliver couldn’t bear to see her like that, so he proposed a solution to let her avoid Julian
and get her Kayla at the same time.

Julian felt a rush of dizziness from Oliver’s words, but he recovered and acted quickly. He grabbed
Oliver’s collar almost instantly, and shoved the man back onto the car. His eyes were sharp as he
demanded, “Are you playing with Diana?!”

Oliver was speechless. He shoved Julian away and freed himself with ease.

“I’m not.”

He was more serious about Diana than ever before, so much so that he couldn’t even be blatantly nice
to her for fear of scaring her away.

“Then, why did you refuse her when she agreed to your confession?”

“What about you?’ Oliver shot back, looking at Julian, who seemed somewhat out of control. “Since you
still love her, why did you insist on divorcing her? Why did you try to push me to her?”

Oliver’s questions were like a hammer to Julian’s heart, slamming in hard at every word. The questions
were the same ones Julian had asked himself hundreds of times before.

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