Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 505

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The sentence struck a chord deep in Diana, and she could immediately guess that there was a conflict
between Nina and Vans.

“Being in the same world doesn’t depend on someone’s social status, but their sincere intentions.”

Just like her and Julian before Kayla appeared to make a mess of things. Before, the two of them had
always gotten along well, and there were no barriers of conflicts between them.

During that time, Diana had never once thought about social status.

But when Kayla appeared, many obstacles suddenly emerged out of nowhere. People who used to
respect Diana began to mock her as the unwanted daughter of the Winnington family. Even the Fulcher
family servants thought she wasn’t worthy of Julian.

But were these views only created recently?

No, they weren’t.

These gaps had existed since the day she had married Julian, but they hadn’t been problematic when
she and Julian were in love.

Once one side of the love retreated, everything would become a hindrance, especially their different
family backgrounds.

Thinking of her own experience, Diana sighed heavily. “No matter what you do, Nina, I’ll support you
like you did me.”

Julian didn’t go to the apartment today.

Oliver had contacted him, so he headed to the emergency room at Central Hospital and waited for
Oliver to finish with work.

Julian was uncharacteristically patient, and even Oliver was surprised to see him after work.

“You’ve been waiting here this entire time?”

“Yeah,” Julian said. Without hesitating, he threw out his question bluntly.” You pursued Diana, didn’t
you? What was her answer to you?”

He had been thinking about it all day. If he didn’t get a definite answer, he could never rest.

Oliver was a little stunned. “Do you…still care about her?”

Julian seemed even more gobsmacked than Oliver at the question. He paused for a moment to think
before asking, “Is it wrong for me to care about my ex-wife?”

So, Diana was only his ex-wife in his heart. The confirmation made Oliver breathe a sigh of relief.

“She said yes.”

Julian’s brows furrowed instantly. Luckily, he didn’t act rashly after hearing the answer and instead
asked, “So, she likes you now?”

“Since she’s your ex-wife, why do you care so much?” Oliver shot back casually.

For the first time in his life, Julian tasted defeat. There was a sudden lump in his throat, and he couldn’t
swallow it down. A hint of viciousness seeped into his eyes, and he looked like he wanted to destroy
everything before him.

In the end, the impulse gradually dissipated.

Julian calmed down slowly and asked again, “So, she likes you now?”

Oliver chuckled, and didn’t answer the question. Instead, he asked mockingly, “Did you ever think
about that when you sent me to your ex wife’s bed?”

That was something that should never be mentioned. Once it was, Julian would be desperately
tempted to slap himself silly.

Luckily, it seemed Diana had agreed to be with Oliver.

They had eventually become a couple.

The frustration in Julian’s heart grew, and he took a deep breath to regain his usual calm and
indifference. ’Well, you gave me the chance to do it, and I took it.”

He was mocking Oliver for being careless and not noticing his intentions.

No matter what, Julian refused to admit defeat.

“You’re still the same as when you were a child,” Oliver said.

Back then, the two of them loved to compete with each other.

More accurately, Julian loved to go against Oliver.

As such, Oliver was surprised when Julian had not only come to the hospital to talk about Diana with
him, but had also tied him up and sent him to Diana’s bed.

Julian could deceive others and himself, but he could never deceive Oliver.

Sometimes, it was true that your opponent would know you better than you know yourself.

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