Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 504

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Clearly, only warmth and tenderness existed between them!

Even though Kayla had faked her fall so obviously, Julian still hadn’t been able to see through it. He
even treated her like some precious treasure, and helped her up without hesitation!

“Did you see that? After he helped her up, his eyes were fixed on her completely! It was disgusting!”

Julian’s image was completely ruined in Nina’s heart.

Vans wanted to explain and justify Julian’s actions several times, but he didn’t know where to start.

Sometimes, even he couldn’t figure out what on earth Julian was thinking. However, he couldn’t do
anything about it now because he was in a dangerous situation himself.

“What’s with that ring in your hand?” Nina finally turned and focused on him. She had been complaining
to him for a while, and found him staring blankly at her without any intention of comforting her as he
usually did.

“Did something happen at the hospital?” she asked worriedly.

She heard there were many medical disputes happening right now, and was constantly worried that
Vans would get into trouble.

Vans wrapped his arms around her and said calmly, “You’re thinking too much. Even if something
happened at the hospital, it wouldn’t be on my head.”

Although the Stanley family wasn’t as prominent as the Fulchers or Channings, they were still one of
the famous families in Richburgh. Being a doctor was his hobby, but it didn’t mean everything would fall

on his shoulders because of his status.

Vans rarely showed his arrogant side in front of Nina, but today…

Nina studied him from head to toe; her eyes finally landed on the silver ring on his left middle finger,
which shone brightly.

“What’s wrong?” Vans asked when she suddenly fell silent.

“Nothing,” Nina said with a smile as she pushed the door open, intending to head back to her own unit.
“I just miss Diana, and I should spend more time with her.”

Vans nodded, waving the hand with the ring on it before Nina without any hesitation. Nina wanted to
ask about it a few times, but when she saw Vans’s calm gaze, she swallowed her question.

However, as she was halfway gone, she suddenly turned around and said,” I’m different from Diana.”

Vans hadn’t closed the door yet; Nina walked back and grabbed his hand.” Her love is more like a silent
spring rain that doesn’t pressure anyone, but I’m not like that.”

Nina was a little more flashy compared to Diana.

“Vans,” Nina said as she leaned against the doorway and touched the ring on his hand.

“This ring…” she went on, taking a deep breath. “What does it mean?”

“Oh, you saw that?” Vans said casually.

He hadn’t intended to hide it from her, after all.


If his gaze were any more indifferent, Nina would’ve been tempted to run away right then and there.

She now understood that Diana wasn’t being too cautious with her love; rather, everyone became timid
when faced with someone they liked.

Love made people timid.

Something flashed in Nina’s eyes, and she said, “Never mind.”

She gripped the doorframe tightly and continued, “I wasn’t that curious, anyway.”

Vans shrugged, and didn’t seem to have any intention to explain further.

However, there was no need to.

Nina could already guess what he meant. At this point, she couldn’t bear to stay in front of the man for
another minute. She turned around and hurried back to her unit.

Because of what happened yesterday, Diana was still in low spirits. She didn’t go to the studio, and
instead worked on her designs at home.

When she heard footsteps, she knew it was Nina coming home. She was about to greet Nina with a
smile when she saw the latter’s tear-stained face.

“Nina? What happened?!”

“D-don’t… Let’s not talk about them, okay?”

Nina knew that Vans wearing a ring on his middle finger meant that he was now engaged to another
woman, and there was nothing she could do about it.

She knew early on that she and Vans would never reach the stage of marriage.

There were definitely a lot of other women around him that he could choose from, but she hadn’t
expected it to happen so soon.

“People in their circles really aren’t from the same world as us.”

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