Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 503

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The injury on Kayla’s face ached, but she maintained her smile.

“I see… I was only worried Diana would be unhappy when you called me that.”

Kayla knew she couldn’t say too much now, afraid that Julian would catch on to the meaning behind
her words. Some things were better off left unsaid.

Julian obviously didn’t care about it as he asked, “By the way, about Diana coming to see you today…
Are you sure you didn’t do anything to anger her? N

It seemed Julian really didn’t know about Kayla digging up the babies’ grave.

A thrill of satisfaction washed over Kayla, and she inwardly thanked Diana for making a move on her
today. If they had talked about it, Julian might have killed her where she stood!

Diana had brought this all upon herself.

Kayla smiled and said, “We haven’t even seen each other recently. Now that we’re not in the same
company, I don’t have a chance to provoke

Diana even if I wanted to.”

She was speaking frankly, which was rare. As such, Julian didn’t delve further into the subject; rather,
he felt that perhaps Kayla was becoming more sensible. More than anyone, he hoped Kayla could
return to her naive and kind self from the past.

“When you have a real fiance and are about to get married. I’ll prepare a generous dowry for you.”

Kayla didn’t dare to refute his words and say she wouldn’t marry anyone but him, but her smile had
dimmed. “Okay. Thank you, Julian.”

“It’s late. You should rest,” Julian said, giving her a look.

Her wounds needed time to heal.


As Kayla turned around, she saw a reflection on the balcony glass. Although it was a little blurry, she
could vaguely make out two figures.

Kayla quickly stumbled and fell into Julian’s arms the moment she turned around, touching his hand as
she did so.

A trace of anger surged through him, but when Kayla looked up at him, he softened a little due to the
resemblance of her face with Diana’s.

“What’s with you? Why are you so careless?” Julian said as he helped her up.

Though he hadn’t exploded in anger, the displeasure in his tone was evident.

Sensing this, Kayla didn’t dare lean on him any longer than necessary.

“My face hurts a lot, and I wasn’t paying attention when I turned around,” she said as she pushed off
Julian’s arm. “I know you care about me like a sister, Julian, but I’ll have a boyfriend in the future. If
something happens to me, you don’t need to be so anxious to help me.”

It sounded like she was actively trying to draw a line between herself and Julian, which relieved him.
And so, he relaxed.

He simply replied, “Okay.”

Kayla was almost spitting in rage from his callous attitude, but she knew she still had to play her role to
the end as she snuck a peek at the balcony.

“I’ll head back to my room. Don’t forget your promise tonight, okay? You’ll have to prepare a dowry for
me when I get married.”

“I know,” Julian said, obviously happy that Kayla had thought things through. “The dowry I’ll prepare for
you will be unforgettable.,”

Oh, it would definitely be unforgettable alright. She was going to marry him, after all.

Kayla didn’t care what Julian was saying now, only focused on keeping her act up. She smiled and
replied sweetly, “Okay!”

The mood between Kayla and Julian seemed good. When he saw her limping slightly, he said, “I’ll walk
you back to your room. Diana was the one who hurt you, after all.”

As such, he should take responsibility.

“Jerk! He’s such an *sshole!” Nina growled angrily, seething with rage.

She pulled Diana’s body back from the balcony.

“Diana, let’s stop watching!”

Julian was utterly despicable. Before, he claimed to love Diana, but now, it seemed he was only lying!

Look at how he was looking at Kayla!

Look at how he treated her!

There was clearly no resentment between them!

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