Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 502

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Not long ago, Diana wished Julian a speedy marriage with Kayla. But now, she realized that this fact
was causing her immense pain. The pain wasn’t because Julian and Kayla were getting married, but
because it was revealed that Julian truly didn’t care about her.

It didn’t matter what had happened to the babies, even if it was the very reason for the huge argument
today. Julian hadn’t even asked the reason she had erupted, which implied he couldn’t give a damn
about anything concerning her.

Thinking about this, Diana pursed her lips. “Come back.”

She pulled Nina into the room again and said, ’Even if Julian favors Kayla to the point of ridiculousness,
it doesn’t matter.”

Her long lashes fluttered, covering the churning emotions in her eyes.

“This time, I won’t let Kayla off so easily.”

When a person was entirely too determined, that was when they feared nothing.

“What are you planning to do?” Nina asked worriedly.

“You’ll know when the time comes,” Diana replied vaguely, clearly not wanting to talk about it anymore.

Nina felt uneasy and wanted to talk to Vans, but she couldn’t very well leave Diana alone in the state
Diana was in. In the end, Nina gripped Diana’s hand tightly and said, ’No matter what happens, don’t
do anything stupid, okay?”

Diana didn’t reply, but she held Nina’s hand just as tightly.

Nina still felt that something was off, so she went on, “Okay. Since Julian is downstairs, why don’t we
go to the balcony and see if he’s really living here with Kayla? If he’s really favoring her like an idiot,
then we’ll give up on the idea of talking to him, okay?”

She pulled Diana outside., “But if his attitude towards Kayla isn’t what we think, then we’ll head down
and have a proper conversation.’

Nina wouldn’t budge about this. Ultimately, Nina didn’t believe Diana’s judgment of a person could be
so bad, and that she could fall in love with a cruel man who didn’t care about his own children, even
after their graves had been dug up and their ashes washed away.

The more Nina thought about it, the less she believed Julian would simply sit idly by. After all, he was
Vans’s best friend. From the bottom of her heart, Nina refused to admit that people in their circle could
be so cold blooded and ruthless.

Diana couldn’t resist her best friend, so she followed Nina to the balcony. From there, she could indeed
catch a glimpse of the unit below if she leaned in a little.

Julian had been listening downstairs for a while, but he hadn’t heard any movement from upstairs. He
thought about going out to the balcony to listen; upon recalling Diana’s firm words on that rainy night,
however, he immediately dismissed the idea.

Never mind. If she could calm down today, then that was already good enough for him. He couldn’t let
her get angry because of him again.


Did Diana agree to get together with Oliver?

Julian couldn’t help but ponder as this new question floated about his mind. He sat on the couch in the
living room, looking up as if he was trying to see through the floorboards.

Kayla naturally had her own thoughts and schemes, and she was also thinking about some questions.

However, what she was thinking was completely different from what Julian was mulling over.

“Julian,” Kayla called out, unable to resist anymore.

She came out of the room and stood before him before continuing coyly,” You called me your fiancee
today. Does that still count?”

Julian was stunned, and a surprised look crossed his handsome face.


He had obviously forgotten that he had uttered such a thing.

Kayla was also stunned. But she stubbornly pressed, “Today in front of Diana, you called me that…”

He had said that she was his fiancee!

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