Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 501

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Of course, Tania strongly denied that there was something wrong with her son. How could there be
something wrong with her oldest son’s strong appearance?

Liam took the medicine list from his wife’s hand and looked at it twice. He didn’t understand medicine,
and he didn’t know the efficacy of the medicine names on the medicine list.

He said: “It’s just a medicine list. If you haven’t shown it to the doctor, how do you know whether it’s
suitable or not? Everyone’s situation is different. Besides, they have all publicly said that they will not
give birth. If you give this medicine list to Serenity, Serenity will think that we are forcing her to give
birth. She is under a lot of pressure. She is already under enough pressure.”

Tania: “If you give the medicine list to our son, Zack promises to tear up the medicine list in person.
Didn’t the master that Mom invited back said that the young couple will have good news in the autumn,
so let’s wait and see. I think there is nothing wrong with the young couple.”

Liam said: “The two of them are busy with work, which may be due to the high pressure. Don’t worry.
We can’t shut up what people outside say, but our family must stand behind Serenity. We should care
about her, don’t put too much pressure on her, and don’t even mention the child’s affairs in front of her.”

Tania sighed and said: “It is said that those masters are accurate in calculating the past, but not
accurate in calculating the future. It is already September, and in other provinces and cities, it is already
autumn, that is, in our province, autumn is like summer. It’s just as hot, it’s just not clear.

I don’t want to put too much pressure on the young couple. It’s just that every time I go out to socialize,
my old friends always ask with concern. They ask too many times. I feel embarrassed to have a party
with them again.

Also, every time I go back to my mother’s house, my brothers, sister-in-law and sister-in-law will also
ask. Even my mother is thinking about this matter, saying that she didn’t see Serenity give birth, and

she can’t rest in peace when she dies.”

Everyone worried about the young couple’s long-term infertility, mainly because of Zachary’s

His affection for Serenity was too deep.

If it was really Serenity’s problem that prevented the couple from having children of their own, Zachary
would not have divorced.

He would rather dink with Serenity than divorce.

However, in the traditional thinking of the elderly, there were three types of unfilial piety, the greatest of
which was having no descendants.

If Zachary didn’t have a son and a half daughter, how could the elders feel at ease?

Tania said: “My mother said that even having a daughter is better than not having one.”

In the eyes of outsiders, it must be better to have a son, that’s why the old lady of the Reading family
said such things.

For those who had difficulty in having children, regardless of whether they were men or women, it was
good to have them.

Liam smiled and said: “If I can have a daughter, Serenity will be a great hero of our York family. I want
to hold a granddaughter even in my dreams.”

Tania also laughed, “This is true.”

“Tell mom, don’t worry, there will always be some. Your mom is in good health. Not to mention seeing
Serenity give birth, she will still hear the child call her great-grandmother.”

“Husband, you haven’t seen Zack for a long time and haven’t taken Serenity to visit his grandmother.
I’m afraid he will be talked about by his grandmother. How about we gently mention it to Serenity. If she
doesn’t resist, then let her take the medicine according to the prescription. If she resists, forget it.”

Liam said: “I’ve said it all. Not everyone can use a prescription. You have to see a doctor to know
whether it is suitable for use. All medicines are three-point poisonous. You think it’s sugar, so don’t take
medicine indiscriminately.”

Tania: “If you ask the family doctor to come over and help her feel the pulse, Zack will definitely know
that if that guy makes a fuss, I can’t help it. He won’t give me face just because I am his own mother.”

Tania had nothing to do with Zachary.

“Mom is not at home again, alas, I am so worried.”

If the old Mrs. York was at home, Tania would have nothing to do with her once she put the medicine
list in the old Mrs. York’s place.

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