Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 498

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“What will happen to everyone involved in the accident?’ “The Channing family will take responsibility,”
Oliver replied. “At the end of the day, Simon is still part of the family, so it’ll be taken care of properly.
Don’t worry about it.”

A serious car accident, at this moment, was reduced into a trivial matter when faced with the Channing
family’s power.

Thinking about it carefully, it was a little frightening.

Diana couldn’t help but recall how powerless she had been in the face of Julian.

As for her encounter with Simon, she didn’t pay much attention to it.

As long as he wasn’t gunning for her, it was fine.

Besides, with Oliver around, he could keep his younger brother under control.

To Diana, the most important thing right now was to make Kayla pay the price for what the latter had
done to her poor babies.

If she didn’t, there was no reason for her to live; she would feel like a complete failure.

When her babies were well and alive in her stomach, she hadn’t been able to protect or keep them.

And when they passed away, they were subjected to the humiliation of being dug up from their grave;
even their ashes were nowhere to be found.

The thought of it made Diana feel as if someone had torn out multiple parts of her heart; along with
that, her hatred for Julian intensified a hundredfold.

If it weren’t for him protecting Kayla…

She would’ve long plunged the knife into that woman’s neck this very day!

Meanwhile, Julian had already brought Kayla back to the apartment. Even though she was injured, it
wasn’t that serious.

In the first place, he had brought Kayla back because he was concerned about Diana’s condition.

However, the unit above them remained dark for a long time.

Instead, Noel brought some surprising news back.

“You mean to say that it was Oliver who was pursuing Diana, and not the other way around?”

Noel nodded. “That’s right, sir. I heard it with my own ears. Madam said she was going to give a reply
to Mr. Channing’s confession.”

It was no wonder… It was no wonder Diana had been so furious with Julian about getting Oliver into
her bed. He had gotten it all wrong!

While Julian felt even more frustrated, a sense of relief also washed over him.

It wasn’t Diana who was relentlessly pursuing Oliver; rather, Oliver had fallen for her first.

Julian had always known that his Diana was much too charming to be ignored.

“What was Diana’s answer?”

Noel froze like a deer caught in the headlights. “Um… I…didn’t…hear the end of it…”

He had been so anxious about reporting this matter to Julian, that he had forgotten to listen to the end.

Julian narrowed his eyes, coldness flashing in them immediately. “Your salary for the next half of the

“I-I’ll give it up!” Noel replied, panicked. “But in my opinion, it’s likely that madam agreed to it.”


“She asked me if Oliver was a capable man today, and even urged me to contact him after you left.”

When a person was down and helpless, the person they would look for first was likely the one who held
their heart.

With that thought in mind, Noel added, “If you still had feelings for madam, sir, you shouldn’t have taken
Kayla and left.”

Diana seemed to desperately need Julian at that moment, but he hadn’t stayed for her at all; not even
for a second.

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