Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 497

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Though Diana didn’t go looking for trouble, that didn’t mean she was afraid of it either.

Especially now, when the situation had found her instead.

“Enough!” Diana yelled as she turned around. She looked at Simon, whose alluring eyes carried a glint
of malicious mischief. ‘ What do you want?”

“Nothing,” Simon replied easily, snapping his fan open and lightly placing it under Diana’s chin. “I
simply wanted to introduce myself to you.”

Diana leaned back, avoiding his fan. “You’re nuts!”

“Yes, and you should remember that,” Simon said. Though his fan had missed its mark, he didn’t get
angry. He simply moved closer to Diana and said in a low voice, “I am crazy.”

With that, he tapped her on the head with his fan and disappeared down the hospital corridor. The
victim’s family member, who had been screaming and shouting earlier, had also vanished without a

When the security guard arrived, everything was peaceful again.

If it wasn’t for the blood on the ground, Diana would’ve thought the entire thing to be a bizarre dream.

Just what did that madman want from her?

After being in surgery for four hours, Oliver finally exited the operating theater. The first thing he did
was to approach Diana with a solemn look.” Did he do anything to you?”

Diana quickly understood who Oliver was referring to, and asked, “Do you know him?”

“He’s my younger half-brother,” Oliver explained. “We have the same father, but different mothers.”

Diana was surprised. “You two don’t look alike at all!”

“He probably takes more after his mother,” Oliver said with a shrug. “My father brought him back into
the family when I was very young.”

Diana felt like she had touched a sensitive topic, and quickly apologized. Oliver understood her well-
meaning intentions, and said, “It’s fine. Our family has a lot of dirty secrets, and a b*stard child is
nothing compared to those.”

Saying that made it seem like the Fulcher family was much cleaner compared to the Channing family.

Diana couldn’t help but sigh. “Julian’s family doesn’t seem to have such complicated issues.”

“Perhaps,” Oliver replied, neither confirming nor denying it. However, he couldn’t help but feel sad over
the fact that Diana’s mind was still filled with thoughts of Julian.

“Anyway, if Simon bothers you again, don’t hesitate to let me know,” Oliver said, not wanting Diana to
think she needed to hold back and be polite in this matter. “He likely came to you because of me, and I
don’t want you to have to deal with him.”

Oliver wasn’t saying these things to be polite.

Simon obviously knew her name; but apart from Oliver being the mutual connection between them,
nothing else would connect them. Thus, Diana agreed without much thought.

“Okay. But about Kayla…” Diana paused momentarily before continuing,” I’ve thought about it, and I
can’t trouble you about her.”

Oliver didn’t owe her anything, so there was no reason for him to stick his neck out for her.

But to her surprise, Oliver said casually, “It’s too late.”

“What?” Diana asked, baffled.

Oliver gave her a carefree smile. “I’ve already got the ball rolling. In three days, Kayla will be in your
hands. As long as you don’t hurt yourself, you’re free to do whatever you want with her.”

Diana hadn’t expected things to go so smoothly. “Thank you!”

Oliver waved his hand dismissively. ‘Don’t mention it. Consider it an apology for Simon’s harassment.
You don’t have to think about repaying me or anything.”

After he said that, Diana felt much more at ease. But when she thought of Simon’s sinister face, she
couldn’t help but ask, “Is the patient you operated on really connected to him?”

“Unfortunately, yes,” Oliver said grimly. “Simon was waiting at a red light on the way to the hospital.
When the light turned green, the car in front of him stalled for three seconds, and Simon rammed into
the car and its passengers. Though the car skidded a distance from the impact, that didn’t placate his
anger. He even dragged them out and ran them over with his car.”

Diana was stunned. “Does such a cruel person exist?!’

“Before he was brought into the family, he lived a miserable life. The fact he has such a violent temper
now is also due to my father’s

overindulgence. My father was particularly lenient with Simon since he was a child, so it’s not surprising
that things turned out this way,” Oliver explained.

“So, stay away from him,” Oliver reminded Diana again. “If he ever shows up before you, be sure to
contact me as soon as possible.”

Diana nodded. “I got it.”

It occurred to her that Simon might have known her name because of Oliver, and not because he was
coming after her on a personal level.

“Did he come to the hospital to look for you?” Diana asked again.

“It’s possible,’ Oliver replied, exasperated. “There’s no rules to what he does, and he does whatever he

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