Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 494

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Upon hearing those words, Oliver was displeased.

“Of course I confessed to her. Did you think Diana was the one pursuing me?”

Normally, he wasn’t one to easily get angry with others; but when it came to Diana, he wouldn’t tolerate
any insult towards her.

He even shot Noel a warning look.

“Diana has already divorced Julian, so she’s free to date whoever she wants, right?’

Noel’s heart sank.

He had underestimated Oliver.

Oliver may seem gentle, but he was actually not someone to mess with.

As expected from a member of the Channing family! Noel even felt a sense of guilt growing in him
when Oliver looked at him.

He hadn’t been wrong. Oliver was indeed a formidable man.

That also meant that he was qualified to challenge Julian.

“I didn’t mean it that way,’ Noel explained without much thought, though he was still in shock. “As
you’ve arrived, Mr. Channing, I’ll take my leave.”

He had to quickly tell Julian that they had been wrong all along. It wasn’t Diana who liked Oliver. It was
the other way around! Oliver had been pursuing Diana, and she was the one who never responded to


This only proved that what they did last time, when they had sent Oliver to Diana’s bed, was an utterly
ridiculous thing…!

It was no wonder Diana was furious!

They had been wrong.

So, very, very wrong!

Diana looked at Noel’s fleeing figure and couldn’t help but sneer in disdain.

What was she really waiting for? The fact that Julian had taken Kayla away again was solid truth. Even
if Noel stayed, it didn’t mean he would take care of her.

The man had just…waited for the right moment to push her to Oliver.

Sometimes, she felt that she wasn’t even a substitute for Kayla in Julian’s heart. It seemed she wasn’t
even worthy enough to be considered that.

No, she was probably just a plaything to him.

When Julian was happy and satisfied, he would say he loved her. He would even envision a future with
her. He would even…place his hand on her belly and tell her how much he was looking forward to the
birth of their babies.

But when he was unhappy and had Kayla by his side, he wouldn’t hesitate to push Diana away. He had
kept his promise from way back, when he claimed he wouldn’t care about any children she carried. It
was as if allowing her to give birth to her babies had been the greatest act of kindness he could offer.

But since he didn’t love her, why give her false hope?

“Oliver,” Diana started. Her lips were white, and blood still stained her clothes.

Seeing her slight tremor, Oliver removed his white coat and helped her wipe her hands. He looked so
tender as he patiently took care of her.


Let’s try it out.

That was what Diana attempted to say, but she couldn’t finish her sentence because she began to cry.

All day long, from visiting her babies with photos in hand to learning about the tragedy that had struck
their grave, to buying the knife with the intention of ending her life alongside Kayla, Diana hadn’t shed a
single tear.

Yet here she was, bawling in front of Oliver, the man who had always been silently kind and supportive
of her. Alas, she had only returned his kindness by using him.

“I’m sorry…” Diana sobbed, admitting how shameless she was. ’I couldn’t hurt Kayla because she has
Julian to protect her, so I thought…”

The more she stumbled over her words, the harder she cried. She felt absolutely ashamed of her

Oliver carefully wiped her hands clean, then spoke in a gentle and calm tone, ’So you wanted to use
me to make Kayla pay for her actions?”

Diana nodded. “I’m just despicable, aren’t I?”

“No, you’re not,’ Oliver said firmly. “I’m happy I could be someone you can rely on.”

That wasn’t the kind of relationship Oliver wanted. He wanted a natural, mutual love between two
people; he wanted Diana to feel the spark and attraction between them as he had for her.

“I’m happy to be used by you,’ Oliver went on. “I don’t need you to do anything in return, and certainly
not for you to be my girlfriend to achieve that.”

If they were going to be together, Oliver wanted it to be something Diana was willing and wanting, not
something she felt forced into.

With that, he helped her up and walked her back to her home.

“I’m glad you’re not hurt,” he said as he brought the knife with him. “Don’t do something rash like this
again, okay? As for Kayla, I’ll get her away from Julian’s grasp and bring her to you.”

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