Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 493

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Would Julian and Kayla only be at ease by doing that?

Diana laughed bitterly, feeling like she had been living like a joke for the past three years. Even just a
month ago, she and Julian had been looking forward to the birth of their babies and being a happy
family together.

Now, those times were all a joke.

Did Julian even care about their children?

No, he didn’t!

He only cared about Kayla; nothing else.

How hateful!

Because of him, Diana couldn’t even get her revenge on Kayla. And now, they were engaged, making it
harder to deal with Kayla in the future.

Diana sighed again. She didn’t understand why it was so difficult for her to get justice for her babies.

“Noel,” Diana suddenly said, looking up.

Noel was startled by the sudden address and replied respectfully, “Yes?”

“Oliver… Is he a powerful man?”

Diana’s knowledge about Oliver was limited to knowing that he was a doctor, a member of the
Channing family, and brother to the top female celebrity Fanny Smith.

But beyond that, she knew nothing else.

Noel thought for a moment. Initially, his instinct was to say Oliver couldn’t compare to Julian, but when
he saw the solemn look in Diana’s eyes, he couldn’t help but say, “Yes. He’s quite powerful.”

Oliver was the man who currently held Diana’s heart, after all, so Noel didn’t want to say anything bad
about him in front of Diana. He feared she would think Julian’s men were petty and talked about others
behind their backs.

Besides, even if Oliver couldn’t compare to Julian, he was still quite powerful in his own right.

Noel felt that he wasn’t lying, either.

Diana nodded. Her clouded gaze obscured her emotions at the moment; she looked into Noel’s eyes
and said, “Alright. Help me contact Oliver, then, n

Her tone was firm, as if she had made some sort of decision in that few seconds. There was also a
sense of sadness in her tone that Noel couldn’t quite understand.

However, he obeyed her words and also remembered to put in a good word for Julian. “Understood.
Mr. Fulcher has also instructed me to help you get in touch with Mr. Channing.”

His boss was a thoughtful and considerate man, after all.

Noel actually hoped that Diana would turn around and take another look at Julian, so that the man
wouldn’t be so heartbroken. That way, Julian would also be able to refocus on his work.

Yet instead of offering her comfort, Noel’s misguided words hit Diana right in the heart where it hurt.

“I know.”

Pushing her toward Oliver as soon as possible would allow Julian to marry his fiancee without any

How ironic.

Diana sat on the ground. She saw her own disheveled reflection on the marble wall, and felt another
wave of helplessness wash over her.

When Oliver arrived, he was met with Diana’s pale face, and she looked like she was about to faint.

He was still wearing his white coat when he approached her.

Every time he came to see her, he always seemed to be in a hurry.

At least, more so than Julian.

Diana looked up at him and smiled. “Oliver.”

Oliver hummed in reply and hurriedly went about checking the spots on her body that had blood. After
confirming there were no wounds on her, he looked into her eyes and asked, ‘ What happened?”

Diana didn’t answer, so he looked at Noel.

Just as Noel was about to explain, Diana spoke, “I’ll give you an answer.”

Oliver was taken aback. “What answer?”

His mind was filled with only concern for Diana and her current state. There was no room for anything

“The answer to your confession,” Diana said, not concerned about how Noel was still present.

Noel had a surprised look on his face, and his mouth was open in shock. It was so round, it looked like
it could fit an egg if Diana were honest.

However, this wasn’t something to be ashamed of. She wasn’t afraid of him knowing about this, nor did
she care if Julian found out later.

Yet, Noel was stammering as if he had heard the most unbelievable thing in his life. “Y-You must be

He stared numbly at Diana, then at Oliver before exclaiming, “It was Mr. Channing who confessed to

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