Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 492

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Damn it!

Diana had already divorced Julian, but Noel still insisted on calling her ma’am!

It was obvious whose idea it was.

Kayla deliberately made a sound that sounded like she was responding to Noel’s call, but it also
sounded like she was screaming in pain from her injury.

“Julian, will my face be disfigured?”

Only then did Julian turn around to really look at Kayla.

Diana had used quite a bit of force.

Kayla’s throat was already bad, and she had lost her ability to bear children. If her face was disfigured

Julian couldn’t help but feel sorry for Kayla.

From his point of view, Kayla had already been punished for what she had done to the babies. There
was no reason for Diana to erupt this way out of the blue.

He wanted to have a proper talk with Diana, but when he saw the disgust in her eyes, he recalled her
words on that rainy day again.

Diana probably didnt want to talk to him at all.

Thinking about their relationship, Julian couldn’t help but feel disappointed in their state.

He decided to distance himself from her as initially planned. Perhaps it would make Diana a little
happier and get her out of her bad mood as soon as possible.

Thinking for a moment, he said to Noel, “Handle this.”

This was probably what Diana wanted.

He would take Kayla to bandage her wounds. If Kayla was disfigured, it would cause conflict between
her and Diana; this would in turn negatively affect Diana’s career, which had just started to take off.

But from Diana’s point of view, this was blatant favoritism.

She struggled to break free from Noel’s hold, but she couldn’t. She could only glare at Kayla with
burning eyes filled with hatred, looking like she would strike again if she were given the chance.

Dying together…

The words Diana uttered threw Julian into panic. He couldn’t accept anything happening to her!

“Noel, contact Oliver and have him accompany Diana.”

“What about you?!’ Diana blurted out, looking at the man who had always pushed her away but could
easily break her heart.

Kayla was still crying and screaming, but Julian ignored her. He simply said, ’Til take my fiancee to the


All three of them were shocked.

Kayla shot Julian a look of disbelief.


Julain didn’t say anything against it, and simply supported Kayla in a more gentle manner. “Take it

Kayla was deeply moved. She never thought she would benefit so much from this misfortune!

Her heart was soaring, and she gave him a meek look and said softly, “I’m sure Diana didn’t mean to
do it. Don’t be angry with her because of me, okay, Julian?”

“I won’t.”

As long as the situation benefitted Kayla, it was enough for Kayla.

Julian didn’t want the two sisters to keep fighting. If they really ended up dying together…

“Let’s stop all these grudges here, okay?” Julian said as he helped Kayla into the elevator and pressed
a hand against the wound on her face.” Diana’s not in a good mood today.’

Of course Diana wouldn’t be in a good mood.

Someone had dug up the grave of her babies!

How could she ever be in a good mood?!

Fortunately for Kayla, it seemed Diana was stubborn to the core and hadn’t mentioned the matter to
Julian. Instead, she had come to find Kayla first.

Before the elevator closed, Kayla deliberately leaned closer to Julian and mouthed a sly ‘Thank you” to

Diana was about to explode from the rage running through her veins!

“Kayla!” she screamed, filled with rage.

The more rowdy and angry she was, the more worried Julian became about her condition. Before he
left, he shot Noel a look, and the other man instantly understood.

“Miss Winnington,’ Noel said as he slowly released Diana once the elevator had gone. “I’ll contact Mr.
Channing for you. Please be patient.”

Noel’s actions represented Julian’s intentions.

They were determined to push her toward Oliver.

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