Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 491

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Diana’s indifferent tone sent frightened shivers down Julian’s spine.

He could clearly see that she wasn’t treating him as her husband or ex- husband. Hell, she wasn’t even
seeing him as a friend. Her tone and address implied that she had drawn a clear line between them.

Diana looked at him with a gaze of ice, ignoring the blood on her body and calmly asked, ’Do you even
know what this woman had done?”

Julian didn’t know.

And he didn’t want to know!

All he cared about now was that Diana shouldn’t be in this state! If Diana was this way because of him
and Kayla that Diana, wouldn’t it be enough if he removed himself and Kayla from the picture?

It wasn’t worth it for her to sacrifice herself for them.

His heart was in turmoil; however, when he looked at Diana, he suppressed all his emotions and said
calmly, “It doesn’t matter what Kayla did.’

He only cared about Diana.

Yet now, it was clear that Diana wasn’t in the right state of mind. Julian frowned and pushed down his
worries as he went on, “Why aren’t you with Oliver? Isn’t it best that you two get together?’

Even if Julian didn’t like Oliver, he knew that the man was more suited for Diana than him.

Julian was like a knife consistently stabbing into Diana’s heart, making her already broken heart suffer
even more unbearable pain.

Things were already at this point, yet…

Julian was still thinking about getting her together with Oliver.

How much determination and perseverance did Julian have regarding this matter?

Was her existence something he and Kayla were so uneasy about?

Immediately, Diana dismissed the idea of asking Julian to make things right with the grave. She had
been prepared for his lack of help, anyway.

After all, Julian hadn’t done anything to Kayla when they had lost their babies.

At this point, Diana didn’t hold out any hope for anything from the man.

It was why she hadn’t wasted anytime and had gone straight for Kayla the moment they met.

According to her plan, as long as Julian didn’t come out or come out a little later, she would have been
able to slash a major artery on Kayla’s neck.

She wanted Kayla to understand what despair and hopelessness truly meant. Yet when Kayla
screamed for help, Julian again appeared to stop her without asking any questions.

“No, it’s not good,” Diana hissed through gritted teeth. She endured the pain in her heart, not wanting to
let her grievances and pain spill out. “Who I like and whether I want to be with said person is none of
your business. But, the woman in your arms is my concern. I came here today intending to die together
with her!’

The knife in Diana’s hand dripped with blood, and her cold eyes were devoid of any tenderness.

In short, she looked positively terrifying.

Especially when Julian heard what Diana’s true intention was.

This wasn’t the Diana he knew, but it was enough to make his heart ache. So much so, that his heart
clenched tightly. He thought back to what Kayla had screamed and asked, “If you didn’t want me to
interfere with your affairs with Oliver or anything else related to you, why did you come here to interfere
with Kayla and me?’

Interfere with his and Kayla’s lives?


“Julian, you’re so full of yourself!” Diana snarled. “If I knew you and Kayla were living downstairs, I
wouldn’t have moved into this apartment even if I died!”

She felt sick living under the same roof as these two cheaters! Her disgust was so obvious that Julian
felt like he was about to lose his mind.

“Why? Do you hate me that much?”

“Yes! So much that I want you and Kayla to die!”

This way, at least the grave of her babies would be intact. They wouldn’t have died as embryos and
had their ashes washed away by rainwater!

She hated Kayla, and she hated Julian for protecting Kayla!

She hated them so much, she wanted them dead!

With that in mind, Diana rushed at Kayla with the knife in hand; only to be stopped by Noel, who had
just arrived.


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