Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 489

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On that rainy day, Diana had protected Julian at all costs, and the fear of being struck from behind
overwhelmed her again in this instance.

Her blood seemed to stop flowing, and her heart and mind grew heavy to the point of suffocating.

Thinking about something in one’s mind was sometimes different from seeing it with one’s own eyes.

When she said she wanted Julian to marry Kayla, she hoped he would refute her and get angry about
it. She even hoped he would grab her neck and strangle her to stop her from spouting such nonsense!

Yet… He hadn’t said a single word to disagree.

He loved that woman from the bottom of his heart.

However, Diana’s heart didn’t hurt anymore from this revelation.

She had grown completely numb.

Now, all she wanted to do was find Kayla.

And then…

A sense of determination and fearlessness filled her. She was no longer intimidated by anyone or
anything right now, no matter how powerful or revered her enemies may be.

She was decisive in her choice.

She wouldn’t wait for revenge, or bid her time anymore.

Kayla had gone too far!

And today, Diana would make her pay!

Diana walked quickly, so much that she almost seemed to be flying on her feet. Her gaze was sharp,
and she ignored Noel. There was no one else in her eyes right now.

She turned to a corner, and entered a fruit shop to buy a dagger.

Noel thought Diana hadn’t noticed him and wanted to greet her. But then he saw Diana walking away in
a hurry, as if she was avoiding a plague; feeling awkward, he quickly gave up.

Following that, he drove into the underground parking lot to park the car.

Meanwhile, Diana arrived at the elevator.

The display on the elevator screen showed that it was currently on the twenty-second floor.


Julian had really gone to see Kayla.

Diana also pressed the button for the twenty-second floor, and stared at the unlit button on the twenty-
third floor with mixed emotions.

If Diana wasn’t going to serve justice for her babies today, would Nina be heartbroken upon returning to
their home and learning about what had happened?

Regardless, it was lucky that Vans was around to comfort Nina.

When the elevator door slid open, Diana reached for the knife in her bag and calmly headed to the
location Oliver had given her.

She knocked on the door, and Kayla opened it. She was dressed in lounge clothes, and there was a
big smile on her face when she saw Diana.

“Diana! You really came! Julian just mentioned you,” Kayla said as she tried to pull Diana inside. “I
knew you lived upstairs and wanted to say hi, but Julian wouldn’t let me.”

Diana realized that Julian had played her for a fool once more. She clenched her fist tightly and asked,
“Where is he?”

Kayla lowered her voice and said, “He’s tired, so he’s resting on the couch.”

“I see.”

It seemed he had seen Diana downstairs, but hadn’t stopped to see her. Still, Diana didn’t mind. It was
better this way.

She quickly pulled Kayla out and blocked the door with her foot to prevent any noise from alerting the
man inside.

If she did that, she would stand no chance of winning.

There was a vicious glint in her eyes, and Kayla immediately knew why Diana had come.

She whispered, so that only the two of them could hear, “Did you see the grave? The rain was so
heavy that day, and I tried my best to protect the ashes, but they still flowed away! Diana… Sometimes
you have to learn to let go. Just as the ashes will eventually become fertilizer for new growth, holding
on to your babies in a small box serves no purpose. Think of how their sacrifice will help the world!
Those ashes can turn into spring mud, which nurtures new flowers. It-“

Before Kayla could finish, Diana raised her hand and slapped Kayla hard across the face!

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