Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 490

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With that harsh slap, Kayla’s forehead hit the door hard. Her already hoarse voice became sharper as
she screamed, ’Diana! Why would you hit your own sister?!’

Diana ignored Kayla, and continued slapping the latter without stopping. As she did, she snarled, “Don’t
say my name.”

When her name passed Kayla’s lips, the disgust in her was unbearable.

She didn’t have a sister like this monster!

Turn into spring mud, which nurtures new flowers?!


Diana took out the knife and placed it on Kayla’s arm.

“I didn’t expect you to admit it so quickly,’ Diana hissed. She imagined the scene of Kayla trampling
over the grave of her babies, and how this wicked woman poured their ashes gleefully into the drain.
She almost lost her ability to breathe from the violent pain that struck her heart.

She suppressed the tremors in her arm the best she could and lamented,” But that’s also good. It
saves us time.’

She would let Kayla feel what it meant about how being sacrificed would help the world.

As she said that, the knife slowly sank into Kayla’s arm.

Kayla hadn’t expected such a violent reaction from Diana; for a moment, she was unable to react.

She initially wanted to see Diana’s breakdown and subsequent hysteria, not a murderous attempt like

For the first time she stood before Diana, fear and terror flooded her.

She suddenly regretted agreeing with Julian earlier when she told him he didn’t need to help her, and
that she would resolve the issue with Diana peacefully.

Now, she might not be able to do as she said.

“The thing you shouldn’t have done…was to provoke my children repeatedly.”

The sharp blade of the knife slid across Kayla’s arms, leaving behind uneven drops of blood.

“Your blood is like my children’s ashes too, don’t you think? It can also turn into fertilizer for new
growth. Think about how your sacrifice will help the world, alright?” Diana said as she pressed down

Kayla was trembling all over. “Diana! S-Stop!”

Then, she raised her voice and screamed at the top of her lungs, “Julian! Diana’s gone crazy! Julian!
She’s lost her mind!’

Oh? Kayla was calling for backup.

This time, Diana wouldn’t give her a chance!

Diana acted quickly, raising the knife to be on the same level as Kayla’s face and bringing it down as
harshly as she could.

The knife glinted in the dim light…

And an ugly gash now lined Kayla’s face.

It would scar, Kayla had no doubt about it.

If Julian didn’t show up soon, Diana would aim for her neck next!

“Julian!” Kayla screamed desperately. She said nothing about the grave and struggled wildly at the
door. “My sister’s crazy! She knows I live downstairs from her, and she’s gotten even crazier after you
and I started to live together! She’s angry because she was my substitute in the past, and she has a
knife! She cut my face! No!”

Terror seeped into Kayla’s voice as she screamed again, more desperately this time, “She’s going to
kill me!”

At last, Julian, who had been trying to abide by Diana’s wishes by avoiding her, couldn’t bear it any
longer. To be honest, he couldn’t bring himself to care about Kayla dying. However, he was afraid of
Diana getting blood on her hands!

He jumped up from the couch, as if fearing for Kayla’s life, and forcefully opened the door Diana had
blocked with her foot. The sudden change of momentum made Diana stumble, and she almost fell to
the ground.

Left with no choice, Diana released Kayla; however, the murderous glint in her eyes remained.

Julian’s heart clenched tightly. He had never seen Diana in such a state before. Seeing the blood on
her and her cold gaze, he truly feared that Diana would ruin herself because of Kayla.

He desperately restrained himself from rushing forward to pull her into his arms. Disbelief was in his
eyes as he said softly, “Diana…”

His tone was filled with anxiety, hesitation, and caution.

But there was also doubt, the desire to persuade her, and confusion.

Diana reminded herself not to dwell on his tone. Even if he said anything more, it had absolutely
nothing to do with her.

To remain unscathed before him, she needed her heart to be as hard as a rock.

So, she raised one eyebrow and asked coldly, “Yes, Mr. Fulcher?”

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