Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 488

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Diana didn’t respond to Oliver’s words, and instead asked, “One last thing. Could you help me find
Kayla’s address?”

After Oliver hung up, he felt anxious. Today’s events had been sudden, and he still had many shifts at
the hospital. He couldn’t very well abandon his patients in need of treatment!

But… What if something really happened to Diana?

This wasn’t a time for him to try to be a hero. Oliver’s only concern was Diana’s safety; and so, he
contacted Julian.

He was short and straight to the point. “I know what you did to me and Diana. Honestly, I don’t
understand your motives. Buf if you have even the slightest bit of affection left for her, please go to her
immediately. She may be in danger.”

Julian was confused by Oliver’s sudden call. He didn’t have a good impression of Oliver, but he didn’t
hang up either.

“What are you talking about?!’

Diana lived next door to Vans, so Julian would’ve known about any signs of danger long before Oliver;
if there was any.

“I’m not making this up,” Oliver pressed. “It’s about Kayla!”

“Dr. Channing, please hurry! Help!”

Without further delay, the call was disconnected.

What had Kayla done to Diana? Why did Oliver call him if something had happened to her? Had their
relationship progressed further?

Julian didn’t have time to think about those questions. Before he realized what was happening, he was
already wearing his suit and sitting in the car.

“Let’s go to the apartment,” he told Noel.

Rubbing his head tiredly, he asked, “Has Kayla been acting strange lately?”

Noel shook his head. “No, sir. She’s been going to work on time, and I haven’t noticed anything

Julian nodded. “Let’s head over to the apartment first.”

He didn’t believe Kayla would dare do anything to Diana, but he had to make sure.

Since this matter involved Diana, Noel didn’t dare delay and stepped on the gas pedal, speeding all the
way to their destination.

“Sir, we’re here,” he soon announced.

When Julian got out of the car and started walking, it was coincidentally in the opposite direction Diana
had taken. However, he was walking slightly faster than her.

He still vividly recalled how Diana had crouched in the rain and told him she didn’t want to see him or
have any contact with him again. She even pushed him towards Kayla and hoped that he would marry

Diana must have hated him more than anything.

Julian didn’t dare meet Diana in person, for fear she would misunderstand and assume he was still
following her. As such, he turned to the building entrance first.

However, Diana had already locked onto his figure earlier.

The man who passed her was indeed Julian; she hadn’t been mistaken. It was definitely not a
hallucination, because even the Rolls Royce parked at the roadside hadn’t left.

Noel was still seated in the driver’s seat. When he met her eyes, he rolled down the window and
nodded respectfully at her. Compared to Mr.

Carter’s gaze, there was respect and sincerity in his eyes.

However, Diana ignored Noel.

She wasn’t in a mood to deal with him.

In fact, seeing Julian actually appearing here again worsened everything. However, this also confirmed
that Oliver had given her the correct address.

She had actually wandered in the same neighborhood as Kayla, and had even been that wretched
woman’s neighbor for several days!

Well, well. It hadn’t been strange for her to have heard Julian’s voice.

After dealing with the marriage with Diana, who was Kayla’s substitute, Julian finally moved in with
Kayla, huh?

Was he truly clueless as to what Kayla had done?!

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