Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 487

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Oliver’s heart skipped a beat at Diana’s sudden request.

She had never spoken to him in such a tone before, let alone asked him for help.

In fact, her actions always made it clear that she was drawing a clear line between them. However, he
had clung to that hope and refused to let go.

When he heard Diana speaking this way, he initially thought he was mistaken. After confirming it was
indeed her, he calmed down and placed the phone between his ear and shoulder, and pulled off the
gloves he had just used to treat a patient. “What do you need?”

When Diana heard his answer, she knew that things would be fine.

“I’ll admit that I’m shameless. I’ve been wanting to refuse you, but I still… had to come to you for help,”
Diana said. She took a deep breath after she finished talking to keep her most vulnerable emotions

Throughout the conversation, she remained eerily calm.

It was an unusual calm that made Oliver suspect that something big had happened. Otherwise, Diana
wouldn’t be acting this way.

He was about to ask what happened when she said firmly, “Oliver, I need your help. Someone has
desecrated the grave of my babies. I want to find out who did it.”

Oliver immediately asked about the surveillance footage, and Diana informed him of what had

“I got it,” Oliver replied.

What he needed to do was to repair the surveillance equipment.

“Every time something happens, the surveillance cameras are broken.” Diana laughed coldly. “It’s
always the same old story. It’s ridiculous!”

But with determination, every problem could be solved.

Oliver acted quickly. After all, it was just a matter of technology and connections. He didn’t need to do
anything personally, but he needed to call in some favors.

And so, the task went smoothly.

After about thirty minutes, Oliver called Diana again.

“The surveillance cameras were damaged due to natural causes,” Oliver explained. “It was related to
the rainy weather, which caused the circuits to deteriorate and the equipment to burn out.”

In their country, many surveillance cameras were just for show. In other words, the cemetery might not
have discovered the problem of their aging cameras if the rain hadn’t been so heavy.

“So, what can we do?” Diana asked with a frown. “Can they be restored?”

“Give me some time,” Oliver assured. ‘Til contact you again in an hour.”

He was afraid she would get anxious, so he called her every half an hour. After three calls, she
received a video file in her email. When she clicked on it, she saw Kayla in the footage.

Because the cameras were old and damaged before the rain, the restored footage was short and only
showed Kayla getting out of the car.

However, that was enough.

Kayla wouldn’t have come to the cemetery if she didn’t need anything from there. Oliver’s words also
confirmed Diana’s suspicion.

“There wasn’t anyone else in the cemetery with any connections to Kayla.”

Kayla had come on a rainy night to dig up the grave of her two babies.

What a vicious woman!

Kayla had planned to harm her babies when they were still in her belly. Now that they were starting to
rest in peace, she went insane and actually dug up their grave!

Diana’s eyes reddened angrily at the thought.

“Thank you,” she said to Oliver. “I still have to deal with some things today, but I’ll definitely treat you to
a meal soon.”

Oliver felt that her emotions were off, and he asked, “Should I come over to see you?”

“No,” Diana refused firmly.

She didn’t want anyone else to get involved in the grudge between her and Kayla. This time, she would
handle it herself.

…In a way only a mother could.

Respect for others, when they refused, was something that had been ingrained in Oliver’s bones. As
he was a gentleman, he nodded at Diana’s reply. “Alright, I understand.”

He would wait for her to deal with things her own way.

“Stay safe.”

That was all he could request of her.

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