Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 485

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James was currently in a dilemma. On the day he, Kayla, and Lucy dug up the babies’ grave, he had
fallen ill after returning home.

At night, he kept dreaming of the two children who hadn’t yet fully formed. In his dream, Diana would
reach out to choke him, screaming that he would have to pay the price for digging up the grave.
Meanwhile, Julian stood behind her with a cold glint in his eyes. There were no words of accusation
from the man, but the oppressing air around him was enough to make James tremble in fear.

When James woke up in the morning, he had no idea what to think about Kayla wanting to marry into
the Fulcher family. When James recalled how Kate cared for him, he felt touched and couldn’t help but
harbor some hope for Diana.

He hesitated for a long time before finally mustering up the courage to pick up the phone and try to tell
Diana about what he had done.

However, this time, Diana didn’t answer his call.

She had gone to a photo studio to pick up the pictures that Nina had taken on her birthday. Sure
enough, pictures taken by a first-class paparazzo were beautiful. Even though Diana wasn’t usually
fond of her own face, she felt her expressions looked gentle enough to be drawn into the pictures.

It was nice enough that she wanted to show her two babies.

The weather was lovely, with the crisp autumn air and a comfortable breeze blowing gently on her face.
After picking up the photos, she bought two small cakes and went to the cemetery. With the good
weather, her surroundings seemed even more peaceful than usual.

At the foot of the mountain, Diana got out of the car and slowly made her way upwards. But the further
she walked, the worse her expression became.

The bright yellow tombstone she had personally carved seemed to have fallen to the ground. However,
she was still too far away to clearly see what had exactly happened. She quickened her steps, anxious.

When she got closer, she almost cried out in horror.

She hadn’t been mistaken. The tombstone had really been dug up!

They were only babies! Who could they have offended?!

The pictures and cakes in her hand fell to the ground with a loud clatter as her gaze was firmly fixed on
the big, empty pit. Her eyes turned red with terror, and she used all her strength to stop trembling.
Once she was in control, she slowly crouched to find the urn.

Her two babies had been so young…!

They were still two unformed embryos when they had been taken away from her body, and it was
impossible to preserve them without being placed in a refrigerated environment.

However, such a place would be too cold for them

Diana couldn’t bear to let them be trapped in such a place forever.

Ultimately, she accepted the hospital’s suggestion to have them cremated into ashes.

Julian had bought two glass bottles and placed the two babies together in one box. She hoped they
could keep each other company that way, and the thought gave her one final comfort.

But now, the grave had been dug up, and there was residual rainwater in the tomb. Even the ash box
had been opened…!

When Diana picked up the box, she felt like her heart was about to burst open.

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