Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 484

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When Diana returned from her studio, she confided her suspicions to Nina. “I feel like I’ve seen Julian
in our neighborhood.”

Nina quickly placed her hand on Diana’s forehead. “Are you running a fever? Is it high enough that you
started to hallucinate about Julian?”

“…Do I look that fragile?”

“As long as you’re not running a fever, that’s fine,” Nina said. She withdrew her hand and became
serious. “If you really cant let go of him, that’s not a weakness. That’s just how love works. I won’t make
fun of you. If you can’t be open and honest with me, then I’m not doing a good job as your friend.”

After that, Nina went into her bedroom and came out with a blanket. ’I’ll be staying next door tonight.
Take your time and think about what I said, okay? M

Nina was giving Diana some space so she could sort out her feelings.

Upon arriving at Vans’s place, she asked him, “Do you think Diana really loves Julian? Even after
everything that’s happened between them, how could she think she saw Julian in our neighborhood?”

Nina continued, “Last week, she even said she thought she heard Julian’s voice!’

Nina was worried that Diana would be lovesick if this went on.

“Do you think I should take her to the hospital for a check-up?”

“What can they check for?” Vans asked, feeling a little guilty as he hurriedly avoided Nina’s gaze.
“Maybe she just can’t let it go for now, so her mind’s filled with those thoughts.”

Meaning, yes, Diana was indeed thinking about Julian.

He completely omitted the fact that Julian was indeed downstairs.

When Nina didn’t suspect anything, Vans breathed a sigh of relief.

“Do you think Diana still loves Julian?”

“Of course,” Nina replied, sounding close to tears. “She cared so much about her two babies. She was
even willing to take a hit for Julian back then, but he…”

Always disappointed her.

“I don’t want to talk about it anymore,” Nina said, clearly having no interest in this topic. “If Diana really
loves him to the point of hallucinating about him, I’ll get really angry!”

After all, Nina had been there to see how awfully Julian had treated Diana in the past.


“If she really loves him, then I’ll support them getting back together.”


“Diana may be having hallucinations, but on the other hand, Julian doesn’t seem to care about this at
all,” Nina said with a sigh. “After all, he’s completely infatuated with Kayla, not Diana.”

If it wasn’t for that infatuation, none of these troubles would have happened. Listening to this, Vans
wanted nothing more than to reveal Julian’s current situation to Nina. Still, he had already made a
mistake in interfering in Julian and Diana’s affairs once; his meddling didn’t turn out too well, and even
worsened their relationship. Thus, he didn’t dare to say anything rash this time.

Fearing that Nina would pursue the matter with him all night, he quickly leaned over her with a wolfish
grin, blocking the light as he said, “Let’s stop thinking about that, okay? Time to turn off the lights!”

Meanwhile, Oliver had made some new progress. Despite not liking Julian, he had to admit Julian was
very capable and efficient in his work. It had taken Oliver a long time to find the clues, but the results
were so absurd that he couldn’t determine Julian’s motives.

He had thought about contacting Julian and asking the man about it face to face; but when he thought
about how Diana had canceled their dinner plans in such a hurry, he realized that she may have
already known this fact.

But she hadn’t told him, even when he had been one of the people involved.

Disappointment ran through Oliver, and his desire to confront Julian faded. However, he knew he had
to find the time to tell Diana about how she had saved Julian when they were younger.

Unfortunately, with such a busy schedule at the hospital recently, Oliver decided to pick up more shifts
to help his colleagues before freeing up some time to meet Diana.

When the time came, it would also be time to hear Diana’s answer to his confession.

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