Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 483

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Going over to Vans unit would put Julian too close to Diana, and it would be easy to be discovered by
her. It was much better to remain at Kayla’s place. The distance was appropriate, and he could
occasionally hear what was happening upstairs.

He also got to watch Kayla and ensure the latter didn’t do anything strange to Diana. Kayla also hadn’t
tried meeting Diana either, and that was good. Diana likely didn’t know of Kayla’s existence here, which
meant she wouldn’t suddenly come down and discover Julian’s presence.

Julian knew he was no more than a parasite, hiding in Kayla’s apartment as he silently observed
everything about Diana.

But… He could resist the urge to get involved in her life. The deep longing he felt made it impossible for
him to go anywhere else.

Kayla was initially angry about the reason Julian had been coming over so frequently, and didn’t want
to see him because of that. However, Lucy told her that if they kept in close contact for long enough,
she might have the chance to turn things around.


Kayla glanced at her reflection in the mirror and smirked to herself. She looked a lot like Diana, after all,
and the chances of her success were higher than any other woman.

Ironic that she had somehow become Diana’s substitute without even realizing it!

Even her every move and gesture were becoming more like Diana as the days passed.

“Today, at Esteem Creations…” Kayla began, smiling as she brought Julian a cup of coffee. “Do you
remember the guy who was with us at dinner with Diana, Jayden?”

As soon as Julian heard Diana’s name, he perked up and was willing to talk to Kayla. “Hmm. I do.”

“He actually called me Diana by mistake today,” Kayla said, though there was no anger in her voice.
“Do we really look that much alike?”

They did look quite alike.

On a scale from one to ten, with ten being the highest, their similarity before was a seven. Now, it had
risen to a nine.

Kayla’s style of dress and makeup had also become more like Diana’s.

A hint of displeasure flashed in Julian’s eyes. “Why do you have to be similar to her? Just be yourself.”

He was now utterly indifferent to Kayla, and wouldn’t even spare her a glance if he could. Annoyed, he
snapped, “Stop imitating her.”

With just one sentence, he had completely crushed Kayla’s self-esteem thoroughly and utterly. She had
gone so far. Why oh why couldn’t Julian take a closer look at her?

Diana had only been with him for three years. Could that woman really replace all the years Kayla had
spent with Julian?

However, Kayla didn’t dare question Julian. She was afraid if she spoke out, she would lose the last
chance to be with him; he might end up hating her so much that he wouldn’t speak to her ever again.

If that happened, her hope of marrying into the Fulcher family would once again be shattered.

Thus, there was nothing she could do but bear with it.

She would endure this treatment until the day Julian finally turned around and looked at her again.
From there on, she would slowly regain her hope.

At least now, in the eyes of others, this apartment was a gilded cage Julian had given her to hide in.
Everyone kept telling her that good things awaited her in the future.

And so, Kayla forced herself to keep smiling. “Okay.”

Even though she agreed on the surface, she didn’t change her behavior and continued to maintain her
resemblance to Diana.

Later, Julian started to ignore her completely.

Every time he came in, he would go straight to the balcony without sparing her a single glance.

As for Diana, she began to feel that something wasn’t quite right recently.

“Are my eyes playing tricks on me?”

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