Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 480

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If Diana discovered this, she would probably call Julian crazy again. But now, he wasn’t having her
monitored and wasn’t deliberately trying to force his presence on her, or interfere with her affairs.

He just so happened to have a home under hers.

Julian suddenly turned back to look at Kayla. “I’m not leaving.”

Kayla’s foot was still throbbing from where he had stepped on, but her eyes lit up immediately at his

“Sure! Do you want tea or coffee?”

“I don’t need anything.”

Julian only wanted to stay here a little longer to listen to the noises upstairs and guess what Diana was

Soon, there were thumping sounds on the floor, like someone was pulling a table.

Diana was so petite and delicate. Could she really move furniture around?

But thinking about it, it was probably a good thing. It proved that Diana didn’t get sick after getting
caught in the rain last night. Her health had improved and she was much stronger than before.

Julian’s lips curled into a faint smile as he continued to

listen intently.

There were still banging and clanging sounds upstairs, sometimes accompanied by sharp friction
sounds or the clattering of pots and pans. All of them indicated that Diana was planning to stay for a

Was she going to live with Nina?

Were they going to live together?

A strange bubble of jealousy suddenly rose up in his chest, and Julian couldn’t explain it. After thinking
for a moment, he got up and went to the balcony.

“I’m going to make a call.”

Vans was a little nervous when he heard his phone ringing. He felt like a spy lurking between Diana
and Julian, and he couldn’t even be sure of whose side he was on.

However, he knew enough he shouldn’t bring up their names in the vicinity of their partners.

The incident regarding Julian sending Oliver to Diana’s bed wouldn’t have been discovered so early if
he hadn’t meddled, after all.

Just thinking about it made him anxious again. He looked toward the balcony and pointed at Nina, and
said, “I’m going to take a call over there.”

“Okay.” Nina, who was always a little more childish, rolled her eyes. Turning to Diana, she said, “I told
you there’s no need to tell him the truth! He said he’d help us move, but then he pressed the wrong
floor button. Now, he’s making excuses to answer the phone when we’re at our busiest.”

Nina was clearly annoyed, like a puppy that had been denied treats.

Diana couldn’t help but laugh.

“He’s still the young master of the Stanley family. He’s never done labor like this before. Besides,
someone’s calling him. It might be something related to the hospital, so of course he has to answer.”

“It’s not something related to the hospital,” Nina sneered in derision. “From the way he looks, it’s as if
he’s done us wrong.”

“Let’s not think of him that way, okay?”

Vans had already helped her so much. After so many encounters, Diana knew the kind of person Vans
really was. He was different from those idle young masters who wasted their days.

“He just left your sight for a few minutes, and you already can’t stand it?” Diana teased.

“Tsk!” Nina rose, filled with disdain. “You can stand up for him all you want, Diana, but he definitely did
something wrong to us without us knowing!”

Still, she never did go to him and disturb him.

Nina had always felt that she and Vans were in different worlds. Although they were an ordinary couple
and Vans would always accommodate her, sometimes she felt that she was very distant from him.

Aside from matters related to the hospital, she knew very little about him, especially regarding his

They didn’t mention it, nor had they asked either.

That was how couples were supposed to be, right?

Even if she was dissatisfied, what could she do? At best, she could vent a little to Diana. That would
have to make do for now.

Nina thought about it. After all, she wasn’t in a position to demand much, nor had she ever expected to
marry Vans.

In the grand scheme of things, what did a little secret matter?

With that thought in mind, she turned away from him and continued working with Diana.

“What else needs to be put into the cabinet? I can do it!”

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