Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 61: David And Rose Stay 2

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Idri gets jealous. He misses her hug for him. He clears his throat while looking at her. She ignores and
speaks to David and Rose, “Are you both going to stay here for the weekend? You can sleep on our
bed. We have decided to sleep here in the living room. I have camping beds with me.”

“Are you sure my son agreed with you to sleep here with you?”

As Idri was going to speak saying he does not want to, she interrupts, “I decided. He listens.”

Rose laughs and pats at her husband’s shoulders, “Wife rule at home.”

Idri frowns at his mom, “Did you teach her all these things? I feel you are spoiling her.” Frieze covers
her mouth. Rose speaks with authority, “Wife rules always. Husbands should only follow orders. My
dear husband, do you have anything to argue about?” David becomes timid trying not to offend his wife
who will not talk to her for days. They are like best friends and her silence after a fight is the biggest
torture to him. He speaks smiling at his wife, “Your mother is always right. It is decided. We sleep in
your bedroom. You both suit yourself in the hall. We left our luggage in the car, let me call the driver to
send it here.” David escapes his wife’s glare to call.

Idri was left alone with no support. He had no option but to agree. He sighs and says, “I am hungry.
Let’s eat lunch before the food gets cold. I have kept all in thermos utensils.”

Frieze plants a kiss on Rose’s cheek thanking her for her support. Seeing the women teaming up, he
helplessly signals his father to join him in the kitchen. The ladies follow them. Meanwhile in the office,
Peter and Alex are worked up. Idri has given them a lot of reports to be finished by today and meetings
have been scheduled all for today. The meetings that were supposed to be organized the following
week were preponed on Friday. They could not justify their absence for the lunch when Frieze asked
them as they knew that is she comes to know that Idri intentionally got them worked up, she would fight
with him. Fighting with him, will put them into double trouble as he is still avenging them for helping
Frieze live elsewhere. They have no option but to obey his to-do list and work without complaining.

They know they will have a long night turning in all the reports. Additionally, Frieze asked them to make
a ring for Idri that had Frieze loves Idri (FluvI) engraved on it. These are expensive personalized rings
which could be prepared a month in advance. However, Frieze’s salary is pretty decent and she did not
mind paying the jewelry makers some extra money to turn on the gift at the earliest. Alex and Peter had
to go and collect it from the store but they were so worked up that they had no time to breathe. The
home delivery charges are high but sadly they ended up paying it just to get the ring delivered. The
balloons and the flower bouquets were sent as complimentary gift. They were relieved that they did not
have to walk to florist’s shop and purchase bouquet after bouquet.

They were annoyed at Rose too. The cake was her idea and she wanted exactly the words she
prepared to be written on the cake. She loves Frieze so much that she was not willing to compromise.
She already called Alex five times in the morning while Peter had the eighth call from her. The words
she wanted on the cake was ‘An advanced cake for the future grandchild’. These two guys felt very
awkward to tell at the baker’s shop. Frieze knew that Rose ordered a cake and her two friends
involved, she had no idea what Rose planned to write on it. She suggested ‘Ode to a reunion’ and
Rose immediately rejected. She told her that she will be in-charge of the cake and she will take care of
it. Trusting her, she agreed and when the cake arrived, she planned for Rose to take the initiative for
cutting the cake along with Idri and David. Maybe she will join in too. When Alex and Peter heard
Rose’s statement to be imprinted on the cake, they were shocked. Peter said, “This old lady is
naughty.” She heard it on the phone and replied adamantly, “I need exactly these words or else, rest
assured I am worse than my son.”

Peter and Alex became grumpy. Everyone seems to be blackmailing them and they are clueless about
what they did. They are fond of Frieze and hence, she is ready to help her and her family just for her
sake. As instructed, they managed to send everything to her address in time. They were relieved and
became busy bees to finish the work. Peter texted her saying they won’t make it for dinner either today.
They will drop by next week. She was upset seeing the text but she understood that their new roles and

new work are giving them a tough time. However, the truth was something else that only Idri and Rose
knew. David just followed his wife’s commands as usual.

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