Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 59: Friday Is Here

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The week passed by with site visit to the shopping center. It was hectic but Idri accompanied her to
every visit she made. She was busy with meetings and setting the budget with the finance experts. He
massaged her shoulders at times when she was tired and she would just send him away as he tried to
take advantage of touching her. She always felt the CEO of the company was so free. Every time she
complained, he justified, “I am paying everyone for work. If I do all the work, why are the employees
getting their salaries.” She wondered the life of an employee could be so difficult who handed all the
work to their subordinates. She was happy and luckier to have only one project in hand that was
already making her frustrated. Idri on the other hand was proud to see her working so hard on the
project. As his wife, she could very well take advantage of handing over some of the project related
work to her subordinates or assistants in her team who are working with her. But, she is working hard
focusing on every detail by herself personally and he could already feel the happiness of the
subordinates working under her. She is a born leader and it can be clearly seen by her aura at work.

Friday finally came in and they had no time but to order grocery online. Idri arrived at her house early
morning with breakfast that was prepared by Julie. He already had a duplicate key to her house and so
he did not bother to ring the doorbell to wake her up. He placed the food on the table and peeped into
her room just to find his woman sleeping with her legs spread all around the bed. Something
mischievous struck his mind. He tiptoed to her room and picked up her eyeliner from the dressing table.
He slowly opened the cap and created a few marks on her forehead. Not satisfied enough, he even
painted her nose black. She felt something ticklish on her nose and as she rubbed it, the eye liner
spread around the rest of her face and even stained her hands. She did not open her eyes still. He still
did not feel satisfied at her black marks on her face. He picked her red lipstick and painted her face
making her look like a devil. As he kept the lipstick back on the dressing table, he shook her violently
and shouted, “There is a rat in the room. He is crawling over you, wake up.”

In an instant, she opened her eyes and jumped off her bed. She hugged him the moment she saw him
out of fear still breathing heavily. She asked nervously, “Where did the rat go?”

“What rat? Are you dreaming?” Idri smiled at her mischievously.

“Didn’t you say a rat is crawling on me?”

“Haha… I was joooooookkkkiiiinnggggg. I brought breakfast, Julie prepared let’s go and eat. You look
the most beautiful today. You have the prettiest look of a millennium.”

His singing tone made her surprised. He walked out telling her to come to eat soon. As she walked up
the mirror and saw her face, her face was completely covered in black and red. She shouted from her
room, “What did you do to my face? I will kill you.” She picked up a broom next to the kitchen shelf and
he was already in running mode. She was trying to hit him but he dodged at every hit. She continued to
run still tired at her sudden jump from the bed hearing of a rat. “What is wrong with you? How dare
you? First you shock me while in sleep telling lies about rat and you use my eye liner and lipstick to
draw on my face. Do you know how expensive lipsticks and eye liners are? You simply wasted it for

He frowned and stood there, “I am a CEO of a big company. Why would I care about that? Plus I am a
guy. I would not know about lipstick and eyeners. I would use them as pens or painting colors.”

“It is called eye liner. Not some eyeners.”

She growls and runs again to hit him. He catches the broom with one hand and grabs her waste with
his other hand. He throws the broom towards the couch. She tries to release herself but he pushed her
again towards her chest. She looks at him angrily and he suddenly kisses her. She freezes at the spot
but embraces his hug. He sticks his tongue into her mouth and kisses her passionately like he has
been longing for it for decades. As they kiss, her stomach makes noises signaling it needs food. He
stops kissing her and laughs. She presses her lips and looks away embarrassed. Seeing her blushing,
he says, “Let’s eat first.” He plants a kiss on her forehead and holds her hand to walk her up to the
dining table. She quietly obeys and walks with him. He tactically serves her food on the plate while she

comes back after a quick hand wash. He laughs at her look with all that lipstick and eye liner on her
face. Every time he does that, she kicks him under the table. He feels happy that after a long time he is
enjoying his breakfast with his wife. He is not sure if she is happy too but he could guess that she still
loves him a lot.

He speaks after finishing breakfast with a loud burp, she laughs and covers her mouth. “Whatever! As if
you don’t burp or fart or snore. Anyways, my parents will be here by 2pm, we should freshen up and
get cooking. I will help you with the vegetables and the soup. What have you planned to cook?”

She gets excited and starts counting on her fingers the dishes she is going to prepare, “Alex and Peter
will be here only at dinner. They said you did not grant them leave for lunch. I want to cook hot
mushroom soup, rice noodles, beef dry chilli, steamed vermicelli rolls and for dessert, soy milk pudding
and we can also have fresh lime soda. It is good for digestion.”

He frowns hearing her list. “We are having lunch at home. It is not a restaurant. Are you sure we can
make it all together?” He ignored the first part of her complain of not inviting Alex and Peter.

“We can try. If you granted leave to our two friends, they would had been able to help.” He rolls her
eyes at him and starts scrolling for recipes in his phone. He was surprised that she remembers his
phone’s code too. This made him smile. He continues, “How about we start cooking now. We should be
able to finish before they arrive. You sure you don’t want Julie or Robert to help us?”

“Don’t be a spoilt sport. Let’s team up.”

“Fine. Go clean yourself up. I will get the ingredients ready.” He spoke lazily wondering about so much
work will make him exhausted. Once she was back after a shower, they got themselves busy with the
lunch menu taunting each other while they cooked.

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