Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 62 His Tears

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As they finish lunch and Rose runs to bring the cake from the living room, Frieze wipes her mouth too
and rushes to her room. She picks up the pillow and takes out a small box out of the small paper bag.
She tip-toe back to the dining area where David and Idri are busy chatting. Rose winks at her and
places the cake box in front of them. Seeing the cake, he gets up to bring a knife. As he returns, he
finds Frieze standing in front of him with a big smile. He smiles back suspiciously wondering if he is
hallucinating. David tells him to come over and sit back in his seat soon. He then turns to Rose
signaling her to sit as well. Meanwhile he pulls the cake box towards him removing all the cello tape
around the box. Frieze extends her hand and as he looks up to her, the box makes him curious. He
looks at his mother followed by his father. David nudges him to take it. He looks at his wife with
questioning eyes and opens it. A beautiful silver ring with FluvI is engraved on it like some kind of a
computer code. He is confused and does not understand what is happening. His parents look calm
meaning they know what is happening already and he just gets disappointed that he does not know a
thing. Breaking the silence, Frieze speaks “Well, I have forgiven you long back but still needed some
time to mend my heart. You didn’t break it but crushed it.” He looked down hearing this and sadness
surrounds him. She lifts his chin up to face her and she continues, “Let’s back together as husband and
wife. I am proposing you with that ring. You proposed me for the first time and the next turn is mine.
Will you be my husband again and live the rest of your life with me?”

She smiles and a tear falls off his eyes. He is growing weak. She takes the box from him, takes out the
ring from the holder and takes his hand in hers. He places the ring in his finger that perfectly fits him.
He does not move but another tear falls on her hand as she holds it. He shivers and does not know
what to say. He tries to speak but stops. She continues still, “It is ok. You can tell me later. I can
understand you are too emotional right now. Hope you like my gift for you and I love you so much Idri
that I cannot explain. My world ended when I left you but I thought that was destiny. I believe whatever
we went through, it was God’s test of true love.”

He stammers, “Baby, I am the happiest man on earth today. I am soooorrryyy for whatever I did in the
past. I will make up to you with my love and care each and every day. I promise.”

David patted his son’s back and Rose wiped her tears that were unconsciously running down her
cheeks. Frieze speaks again after a pause, “Do you like the gift? It is our beginning of togetherness.”

“I love the gift. It is so precious and close to me.” He stands up kissing her forehead.

“I love you Mankid.”

He giggles, “I love you my hot chili pepper wife.”

Just they were about to kiss, david fakes cough to grab their attention, “Shall we cut the cake first
before your romance begin and never ends? You have one whole life to romance. I want to eat some
cake now. I don’t think I can wait.”

Frieze walks next to Rose and to their surprise, an awkward moment awaits right in front of them. On
the cake, the icing had a statement written on it that said, “An Advanced Cake for the Future
Grandchild.” Frieze turned red feeling shy and Idri was blushing too. He had no idea that his parents
could be this naughty telling us to plan for kids already. David says pointing at the quote on the cake,
“Son, make your dad proud soon.” He giggles and looks down still blushing. Frieze hides her face
behind Rose out of embarrassment but she pulls her forward. She does not dare to make eye contact
with anyone. Rose speaks, “What are you both feeling shy for? Idri come stand next to your wife and
cut the cake for your future child. Come quickly.”

He obediently stands next to her while Rose stands next to her husband. They both take out their
phones. One clicks photos while the other records a video. Frieze and Idri together cut the cake
followed by a kiss. They hug each other and turn to David and Rose with a piece of cake. Idri takes the
phone from Rose and captures the moment of Frieze feeding cake to David and Rose. She then takes

the phone from him and tells him to do the same. She captures pictures of Idri with his parents and also
a moment where he is hugging his mom and Dad. A broken family is mended again. All four gather and
take a selfie together that gets uploaded in social media of their respective accounts.

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