Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 52 Shivers!

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Frieze dresses herself up into a plain peach color dress that reaches slightly above her knees. The
color perfectly suits her skin and her hair is left untied that reaches up to her waist. Her curls are
defined and makes her look like a doll. She matches it with a pair of white heels. She comes out with
her phone and stands near her room’s door. Seeing him engrossed in his phone, she fakes a cough, “I
am ready. We can go now.” She successfully gets his attention. He stares at her and says nothing. He
scans her from top to bottom and something under his pants gets him sweating. “Are you listening to
me? We are getting late.” She walks up to him waving her hand in front of her face and he smiles trying
to look into her eyes. “I am going to have a difficult time tonight.” Idri said dreamingly.

“Sorry? What did you just say?” Fenzie was confused.

“Huh? Nothing. I was just trying to say that you look beautiful. My wife got me cocky at the moment.
Shall we?”

She looks at him angrily. “I meant shall we leave? Simon is waiting for us.” Idri says hurriedly before
getting scolded by her after seeing her angry face. He picks up the keys and gestures her to go out first
and he would lock the door. She murmurs, ‘It is my house and look who is behaving like the owner.’
She was loud enough for him to hear but he pretended not to listen and mischievously turns to her. He
grabs her waist pulling her closer. She could feel something hard pressing on her below her waist. Her
face is completely red while he enjoys her shivers. She tries to escape his hold but every time she is
trying to let her loose, he pulls her closer and closer. She is afraid that someone in the neighborhood
may see them this way. In the next moment as she looks around, she finds herself leaning against the
door and he is kissing her wildly. He runs his fingers through her waist and starts kissing her neck. She
moans and he was missing her moans. He realized it and it turned him on even more. While he
continues to press his gun against her, she is turned on too. He grabs her butt and squeezes it but
does not release her lips. He puts his tongue inside her and she could only embrace it. He moves one
of his hand inside her panty just to find her already wet with his little teasing. She was embarrassed. He

releases her from his arms and stops kissing. It did not help him get calm but he was happy to realize
that her body still wanted him. She still shivers and moans in the same way in the old times. She still
submitted to his passionate love and he realized that she still loves him. Frieze stood there motionless.
She felt her head spinning and she is panting. She is trying to get her breathing back to normal and
breathes harder to let in fresh air into her lungs. He simply watched her and became more adamant to
make her love him more.

Her hair was already in a mess and her clothes too. She looked towards the house door where the
keys were still stuck into the lock. She opens it and goes inside. She sits in the couch still panting and
does not look at him at all. He enters too locking the door from inside. He does not say anything. All the
answers he was looking for were finally given by her reaction to him. “I will be right back.” Idri then
walks to the bathroom and does his thing. He finally comes hard thinking of her. He washes his face
and grooms himself again. Frieze has already set herself up. She is still feeling shy and embarrassed.
“You okay? Let’s go?” Idri asked her. She looks down and nods in agreement. They settle in the car
and Idri helps her tie her seat belt. She looks at him while he buckles her seat belt and he could
already notice himself smiling. They do not speak throughout the drive and they reach Simon’s place
within twenty minutes. They don’t look at each other. They were greeted by Simon at the gate and they
greeted him back. He noticed her blushing from time to time as Idri looked at her. Being childhood
friends, Simon knew Frieze well. She is too shy and that is something makes her look even more
elegant. She cannot hide her shyness and it clearly reflects in her eyes since they have always been so
expressive. Simon spreads his arms on both of their shoulders and takes them inside the house.

Simon points at the bedroom and says to Frieze, “Teresa is inside. She is resting. She is waiting for
you. You can go in and have some gossip between ladies.” He winks at her. She nods and walks up to
her room. Meanwhile, Simon holds him at the back and walks him to the bar area in the living room.

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