Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 60 David And Rose Stay

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David and Rose Stay

“Did you tell them to stay here? Where will they sleep?”

“Come on Idri. Get idea. Tell me where will they sleep?” He squinted at her passing on his own
question back to him.

“Did they say they will stay?”

“I texted Rose telling her to stay with David. So yeah, they are going to stay here for the weekend.”

“How about you come to the mansion to stay?”

Her heart starts beating fast. “I want them to stay here with me for the weekend and it is decided.”

He frowns and gives up arguing. He silently starts preparing the lime soda squeezing in the lemon into
a small bowl. She looks at his sad face and replies, “We can give them our bedroom and we can sleep
in the living room. It will be like camping.”

“Huh? Giving them the room. I can agree to that. Where do we sleep in the living room? There is only
one sofa. You cannot sleep on top of you the whole night. You will suffocate.”

Her eyes pops out. She clears her throat, “You keep your dirty thinking to yourself. I have the floor bed
set with me. We can place it at the center and sleep. It is big enough to accommodate us both.”

“We will sleep on the floor? Are you sure it is a good idea? What if cockroaches crawl on us?”

She laughs, “There are no cockroaches here. We can sleep. I will kill the cockroach if it comes near

Idri lifts one of his eyebrows, “Says who? The one who jumps off the bed hearing about a rat.”

She pouts at him and ‘Huh’ she says and turns towards her dumplings checking if it is ready already.

Both of them already looks exhausted by the amount of cooking they did and the entire week has been
busy for them leading to working late nights in office. The doorbell rings and Frieze rushes towards the
door ordering Idri to keep an eye on the dumplings. He walks up to the steaming vessel and stands
near it checking it keenly. A delivery boy delivers a few flower bouquet and one small paper bag.
Before he turns, she already ran inside her room and hid the bag under her pillow. Another delivery boy
arrives with a cake and she places it on the table in the living room. He turns to see what is she up to.
He asks with curiosity, “did you order a cake? Why so?”

“Well, just a cake to eat. David and Rose are coming home after a long time. Let us celebrate.”

“Are you sure? Something is fishy. I don’t feel so right. Are you trying to hide something from me

“Bleh! You and your questions. Can you watch over my dumplings? I think it is done.” She walks up to
the steaming vessel and he passes on a plate for her completely forgetting about the suspicious cake.

They set the table right with all the dishes they prepared. Idri finishes his lime soda preparation too and
looks at the glasses with satisfaction. He winks at her and she gives him a hi-five. She claps with joy,
“We did it.” As Idri suggested that they go and change, a doorbell rang. Both looked at each and
walked towards the door. Idri opens it while she stands behind him holding his arm. Rose and David
arrived earlier than expected. David’s eyes fall on her hand holding his arm and he signals his wife to
look. She could not help but smile. Noticing their eye contact and talks, she realizes the focus point.
She releases his arm quickly and Idri realizes too. He blushes seeing his parents smile. Rose teases,
“Did we disturb your privacy my children?”

David laughs loudly. “What is wrong with both of your clothes? Have you been cleaning some sewage?
You both look so dirty.”

Idri opens the door wider letting them in. Rose and David could already smell yummy food coming all
the way from the kitchen. They look at the dishes on the table and cannot stop drooling. Idri interrupts,
“We were actually preparing all these dishes for you two. We certainly understand that we are in a
mess now. We will go and clean up. Please help yourself while we come back.”

Frieze looks at him and finds him smiling at her mischievously. She does not want to go inside the
room alone with him now. She has butterflies in her stomach and she looks scared. She waits for her to
walk towards him, she says nervously, “You can clean up first and come back, I will go later. Let me
give them company until then.”

Rose and David stand there clueless trying to understand what is the conversation about. Idri does not
care about his parents’ presence. He walks towards her taking long strides and grabs her by her arm.
He pulls her into the room. Out of embarrassment, she does not dare to look at them. Idri closes the
door behind them and they looked at each other with a wide smile. “Why do you drag me like every

“You go and take a shower or change. I will take a shower and come soon. You want to join me for a
shower?” He looks at her with lusts.

“No way. You go in. I will just change my clothes and maybe wash my face after you are done.”

He goes inside the bathroom laughing at her irritated tone. She opens the cupboard and finds her
cupboard halfway filled by his clothes. She looks at the clothes angrily and pushes them in one corner
of the cupboard. She starts looking for a simple dress and after much struggle, she finally finds one in
the heap. She peeps at the bathroom and quickly changes into the dress before he sees her all naked.
As she tries to zip her dress, she struggles to put her hand behind. The next moment, her hand is
gripped by a strong one and she is shocked to see him standing behind her. He grabs hold of her zip
and slowly pulls it upwards. She removes her hand and waits silently. She shivers as his fingers are
also running towards her neck as the zip goes up. He could already sense her nervousness. His heart

is racing as well. He wants to grab her right away and make love to her until tomorrow. He hates to be
this patient with her but he can wait for her to be his again. He zips her dress and gives her a kiss in
her neck. Her breathing accelerates and she could feel his breath near on her. Realizing what is going
on, she pushes him and runs to the bathroom. He smiles as the little mouse runs away in panic. Frieze
kept a pair of joggers and a T-shirt on the bed for him just like the old names. He felt nostalgic and his
eyes were in tears. He could feel that the old times will be back soon. He would wear whatever she
keeps on the bed and after a long time, he is finally going to do all the same like it is a new birth.
Feeling satisfied at his clothes and hairstyle, he informs her to come out soon. He walks up to his
parents who are seated on the sofa and chatting away like a happy couple.

Frieze on the other hand was inside the washroom, she was turned on and needed to stop fantasizing
about him. There are guests in the room and she should be attentive towards them. She took ten long
breathes before she could actually calm herself down. His seduction is too strong for her to take but
she likes it. She washes her face and even took a cold shower to get rid of the heat generated in her
body by his seductive touch. She wears the dress again and this time, after struggling for minutes, she
finally zips it. She is all the more tired. She realized that she indeed took a long time mainly because of
the zipping as he heard Idri already call her out. She dares not go out showing off her back again to
him or the history will repeat itself. She is not sure if she will be able to control herself next time. She
comes out and walks towards the dressing room. She is already blushing remembering what happened
a while ago. She scolds herself and concentrates on combing her hair tying it into a bun. She smiles at
herself through the mirror and walks to the living room telling David while swinging from left to right, “I
am all clean now.”

They laugh at her childish remark and she laughs too. She sits next to Rose hugging her from the back.

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