Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 58: Breakfast

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Alex and Peter met Idri and Frieze over breakfast. It has been long that they have met Frieze. They
requested her to meet alone but Idri will not leave her side and refused to let her go alone with them.
Although he is not staying in her apartment anymore, he is still chasing her but still giving her the
personal space that she needs as Simon suggested. He is particular about giving personal space only
when it comes to her thinking about them but not to spend time elsewhere. He would be jealous to see
her laugh around other men even if they are not interested in her rather than laughing with him like old
times. There was awkward silence at the table when all the four sat around a round tea table. Peter
was the first to initiate a conversation to relieve the tension in the environment due to the presence of
the boss.

“Hope you are both good in health. Long time no see.” Peter had no idea what to talk about further. He
just smiled stupidly at the three.

Frieze could feel the awkward vibes too and she replied, “We both are really great. Where did you guys
disappear? You don’t let me accompany you both for shopping or dine outs anymore.”

Idri frowns and looks at her, “If you want to go shopping or dine out, you can ask your husband to
accompany you.”

Peter and Alex looked at each other and looked even more nervous. Frieze gave him a sharp look at
her husband and he sent off a flying kiss towards her instead with a broad smile. He seemed really
dangerous to the other two men sitting on the table. The sudden retirement and disappearance of Mr.
Kane is much talked about and all the answers relate to Idri. No one would dare to question him or
even spy on his actions. She looked away and continued to speak, “How have you been Alex? Why are
you so quiet today? I know how much you both talk.”

Idri interrupts her, “I hope I am not scaring you both with my presence here. I will leave along with my
wife.” He made it clear that he is not leaving even if they are wishing it dearly from their heart. They

don’t say a word but with a blunt smile they suggest to order breakfast quickly. Idri lets her order for him
too and a wide smile spread across his face when she realizes that she ordered everything that is his
favorite. Alex and Peter also agree to have their boss’s favorite dish. He feels glad that she remembers
his favorite food. He is sure to certain extent that she will accept her back again one day but as time
passes, he is growing more and more depressed. He hopes she can see it. After the waiter takes the
order, she turns to Alex and Peter, “Why don’t you two come home on Friday? David and Rose are
coming home for lunch. Idri and I are on leave to prepare the dishes. It will be great if you could join

They immediately look at Idri for approval. He laughs, “It will be a friendly get together. I will not be your
boss at our house. Don’t worry. We will love to have you at our place. After all, you have helped my
woman and stood by her side when I was being an asshole. I owe you both.”

His sudden change of mood confused the other three. Frieze does have some plans for that day and
she needed the help of these two guys. But her plan changed when he decided to take leave too and
help her with the cooking. When she tried to discuss about it today, he turned up to join them. She was
in fact quite early for breakfast than usual but she could not lie to him when he asked where was she
going right after the moment she entered the office with him. When she informed him last night that she
is going to office earlier than usual and he can come to office at his usual time, she was shocked to see
him at the door much earlier than usual to pick her up. Her breakfast hangout got ruined and her Friday
plan too. She would have to think of another way to execute the plan. Idri did sense some kind of
suspicion and he was sure that his wife is planning something behind his back especially by the way
she is hiding her eyes trying to look elsewhere whenever he tried to question her. When he realized
that she came early to breakfast and even Alex and his boyfriend did, he was sure they were up to
something. He does not trust them so much because he blames them for helping her leave the house
and settle elsewhere. He is still assured that they were the ones who provoked her to leave his
mansion and rent an apartment near her office. He wants to keep an eye on them so that they don’t
provoke her further to leave him once again. If she didn’t have the support of these two men, she would

not have dared to leave the mansion as he knows how timid she is. She had a strong mental support.
She didn’t turn to Simon for help as she knew he is close to me. He would inform me sooner or later
about her plan to leave him and his house. It must be Alex and Peter who gave all the nasty ideas and
he cannot trust them. They would end up giving her even more nastier ideas if left free with them alone.
He does not want to take a chance. He has already threatened them about losing everything in their life
if they help his wife again in fleeing away from him. They will bear the consequences of whatever
happens to their relationship and if it breaks permanently. They are scared too for their lives but are
being cooperative with their boss. He transferred both the men to his office mainly to keep an eye on
them rather than fulfilling some wish of their promotion.

As time passed, it was already an hour. Post breakfast, Alex and Peter left first while leaving Idri and
Frieze alone. She looks at him and mocks, “You are a scary man. They ran away because of you. They
didn’t even eat well. See.” She pointed towards their plates where food was half eaten.

“I am scary for everyone except you my darling.” He planted a kiss on her cheeks which turned red
instantly. She shivered and was left numb.

“I think we should head back to office. Remember we have clients coming in to decide the plan for
interiors? We have a site visit to make too during lunch.”

He frowns at her not so romantic attitude. “Then we go out for a lunch date?”

“You are so interested to date your wife amidst work. I brought lunch today. I cooked by myself in
advance today morning. I brought enough for both of us. Let’s eat that.”

“That could be called a date too. My wifey bringing food for me. I feel so lucky.” He grins.

She holds her waist on both the side and looks at him with disgust. “Get your ass up. We need to get
back to work.”

He extends his hand signaling her to pull him to stand up. She signs and holds his hand. He tightens
his grip on her hand while holding it and gets up. she tries to release her hand but he does not let it go.
She gives him a sharp look and he laughs. They walk back to office holding hands like school children
walking up to their classroom.

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