Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 57: Missing Him

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Frieze first person....

The day he left for his mansion, it has been a week now already that he has mot come back to stay
here. He is a rich guy. I am sure this small house will definitely not liked by him. Maybe that is why he
left. I meet him in office though and often make excuses to talk to him by asking doubts about the
shopping center project. The construction is going great and seems like Mr. Kane has completed in
assisting the construction plan to maximum. In the next three months, the entire construction will be
completed and then I will get busier than ever with the interiors. Idri has already taken me to the site
several times and I have already planned a few of the interiors in my mind. The final completion of the
construction after three months should give me more liberty and freedom for planning practically.

Coming back to my husband, Rose and David had informed that the divorce has been cancelled. He
does not want to divorce me anymore. I wish he said to me about it directly. He is so secretive and
doing so many things behind my back. He should tell me everything but here I am hearing things about
my husband from others. I get a new piece of news everyday about him. He clears all the project
related doubts and I still wait for a few seconds hoping he would stop me and talk to me about things at
a personal level. He does not. He used to share everything with me once upon a time. Maybe he was
selective about whatever he shared with me. I am not sure. The destruction of Dori, cancellation of
divorce and disappearance of Mr. Kane, the early retirement, etc it is a lot for me to take. I feel
everything is related to me. However, I don't know anything in particular until the people around me
tells me in summary.

We do eat together. He comes home for breakfast and I will keep it ready before he arrives. I had no
idea he would love my food so much. I remember the next day when he came home early morning
after meeting his parents, he asked with curiosity, "You cooked? Are you sure? I think it is some
takeaway. Don't try to lie to your husband."

"I cooked okay. Just eat. It is better than outside food and healthier."

I made tofu for him clubbed with cheese toast. I checked on the calories for each of the recipe too and
it is a perfect one to start with. The right amount of fats, the right amount of proteins along with an ABC
juice. ABC is apple, beetroot and carrot juice. I did add little honey to it since it tastes disgusting. Since,
it is healthy and Idri looks so weak nowadays with all that puffed eyes, I have become a fitness freak
myself. Instead of appreciation, he questioned me in a way that sounded more like mocking, "Did you
add some kind of a poison to it to kill me?"

"I am worried about your health. You are sick. I am hungry. Shall we eat first and grab some energy to
fight later?"

He only laughed and I laughed too. I know he didn't like the juice. I hated it too but healthy you know.
He loved the grilled tofu I prepared for him. Since then, I have been preparing just that since he
demanded. He sounded like a mankid to me everytime he demanded tofu for breakfast. Though he
doesn't stay at night in my place, I am still satisfied with his intentions of having meals with me. I could
feel some friendship and understanding building between us. I have forgiven him for sure but I still
need time to think through a few things.

I miss him every night next to me while I sleep. I miss hugging him. I am habituated. I have Invited
Rose and David on Friday for lunch. Though my house is small with only one washroom, I have still
placed a request of staying with me for the weekend. I miss them like crazy. They are not just my in-
laws but my parents. My mother is doing very well back there and David has informed them that the
divorce is cancelled. Was I even asked? Idri is very stubborn. He will do whatever he wants. In office, I
could see him slightly cheerful though he stays silent. At least his health is coming up. Although I stay
worked up with the project he gave me, I want to work as efficiently as Mr. Kane. I did ask him about
him but he said that he has retired and moved to the countryside. I could feel that he does not want to
know any further details. He was a generous man. Whenever he is, I hope he is all healthy and sorry
for his loss of his daughter.

I am taking leave on Friday since Idri's parents are coming over. Idri is also taking leave as he insisted
upon helping me to cook. He told me to call in Julie to cook but I really want to cook by myself. I have
learnt several dishes though and I am all excited to turn on those recipes for my guests. I cannot ask
my husband to come and stay with me although am scared to sleep alone at night. It would be very
awkward for me. Moreover, I really don't want him to ask or say something vulgar. You know how he
talks by now. This would lead to me getting angry and then I will say something rude to him. I will feel
hurt and I will see those sad eyes of his again. I really don't want all that. I am trying to keep it cool. I
am trying to be nice. I am trying but I still need time to accept him. I do catch him looking at me in office
but instantly looks away when I catch him looking at me. It reminds me of some college students taking
a peaky look at his or her crush in class. That is so cute of him. Did I just say cute? Yeah that mankid is
actually very cute!!

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