Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 41: Stay With You 2

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The next morning, Idri was still sleeping next to her holding her tight. Frieze opened her eyes with a
headache. She could feel a heavy chest pressing her back and a heavy hand around her waist. She
opened her eyes wide and turned her face just to see Idri sound asleep like a kid. He is snoring loud
and she closes her ears with her hand. She looked closely at him and seeing the dark circles under the
puffy eyes made her feel sad. She tried to wake him up but he was in deep sleep. She checked her
forehead and her fever was gone. She was feeling too weak especially with the headache that she is
not being able to move away from him. He looks weak but still too strong for her. She gives up. She
continues to hold her ears giving an angry look to Idri from time to time. The nurse comes in after an
hour just to find both of them sleeping. She tries to wake him up to give her some medicines for the
morning and to remind him of breakfast. His food that was ordered by Simon was left untouched and
suddenly as he woke up, his stomach grumbled. He saw the nurse standing on Frieze’s side and found
an angry Frieze looking at him with disgust. He spoke innocently, “I just want to stay with you. Don’t tell
me to leave. Let’s have breakfast together. I will order something to eat.”

She did not speak. She turned to the nurse giving her body for the regular checkup. She handed her a
tablet that she consumed and quickly gulped down after Idri handed her a glass of water. She remained
silent and did not even thank him. She realized that her headache must have been because of his
snores that disturbed her sleep and she was even more angry. As the nurse left, Frieze looked at him
and said in an angry tone, “you sleep like a pig. You snored right next to my ears and I have a
headache because of you. Huh!”

Idri covered his mouth trying not to laugh. He was afraid she would be even more angry. Soon, he
ordered the food and it was brought over by Tony. He waited outside the ward until they finished eating.
Idri served her some vegetable soup and porridge while he ordered pizza for himself. She had a pissed
off expression while she ate mouthful of porridge. Finally, she stopped eating for a while and spoke, “I
want to have pizza too. Why didn’t you order one for me?”

Idri controlled his laugh at the grumpy kid in front of him demanding for food. “You are a patient. Eat
something healthy. I will buy you pizza once you are discharged. You are too weak and have not eaten
anything healthy.”

She kept quiet and she ate in silence. She was actually lost in thoughts. She wants to go away from
him and wondering why is he not leaving her now. She should stay silent to avoid any interactions with
him she decided. Regarding her discharge, she would ask the nurse once she is back and do all the
formalities related to it including the bills. She found her phone on the desk next to her bed and took it
in her hand. She called Alex to inform about her situation.

“Hey Frieze, hope you are doing well now. When are you getting discharged?” Alex spoke joyfully.

“Hi, how did you know I am in the hospital? Is boss angry that I took leave?” Frieze got curious.

Alex laughed and responded, “Idri informed me that you are at the hospital and by the way, do you
know your husband is our new boss? He bought ABX Corporation. You are our boss too. Haha.”

She immediately looked at Idri astonished. Idri was engrossed in his pizza not caring about the
conversation that she was having especially when he knows that the man on the other side of the
phone is gay.

“You there, Frieze? He is a good man woman. Be nice to him I say.”

She was pissed. “You are my friend. When did you seem to start supporting him this way?”

“You need to rest. We can talk once you are back to your apartment. I will hang up first. Meeting
time….” He said in a singing tone and hung up the phone.

Frieze’s headache increased. She just left the bowl and the plate of porridge on the table next to her
bed. Idri was quick at helping her clean up. Seeing he has not finished eating yet, she stayed in the bed

obediently waiting for him to finish eating. She rested her head on the pillow pretending to sleep again.
He was content at her behavior especially with the fact that she was not asking him to leave. He felt
happy in his heart after a long time.

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