Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 56 She Will Be Back

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Frieze saw him walking out. She could guess he was leaving. She stops him midway, "Where are you

He looks at her with suprise. After a long time she seems to be asking a question like a decent person
without temper or attitude. He replies sadly, "You don't let me stay here. So I am going to the mansion
to sleep. I am getting tired of doing things forcefully."

"You forgot your phone on the sofa. Take it with you."

He looks towards the sofa and walks up to it picking it up. A surge of disappointment spreads across
his face. He was expecting her to stop him from leaving but nothing as such happened. He looks at her
and speaks, "Rose and David are waiting for me back home. Would you like to meet them? You have
not seen them ever since you left."

Thinking about her visit to them, she feels reluctant to enter the mansion again that she left a month
ago. She will be too heartbroken all over again if the memories of the past surrounds her. After a
moment of silence, she denies finally, "I will invite them here next week and I can meet them. You can
go ahead. Convey my regards to them."

"I will. Bye."

She only nods and closes the door behind him as he moves out. She is already missing him and the
house feels desolate all of a sudden. Her heart feels empty too and she drags herself to the sofa and
lay lazily remembering whatever she has been going through.

On the other side, Idri calls Simon who picks up cranky as he slept early, "Why are you calling to
disturb my sleep?"

"I am not interested to disturb your sleep. I am going to stay in the mansion today."

"What? Why? Where is Frieze? What did you do again?"

"Aye! Why do you see me as her enemy? People make mistakes okay. I am already getting punished
enough for the mistake I committed."

"Huh. Speak fast before my eyes close again."

"I left her alone in the apartment so that she can have her personal space to think through as you

"Wow you are listening to me for the first time in your life."

"Shutup!" Idri rolls his eyes and continues, "I don't want to leave her alone and without her, I am sure
am not getting any sleep tonight. But, I think you are right."

"She will not accept you back quickly but she will definitely. I can still see her love for you. You got to be
patient with her bro."

"I will. I need to drive back to the mansion. Mom and Dad are waiting for me. It is already late."

"Good Night my friend."

"Thanks man. Good Night."

He drives the car silently still lost in thought. David stands outside the gate with the security waiting for
his son. A light from afar makes him squint his eyes. As the car approaches, he realises his son is
already here. David gets disappointed seeing his condition. He looks thinner and have dark circles
under his eyes. His face is pale and he could guess not all is well with his beloved. He smiles at the
figure in front of him giving him a tight hug. Idri holds him and does not release himself from the hug.
He could feel his broken heart in an instant. He tells him, "It is good to see you son after a long time.
Your mom is waiting for you."

He finally let's go of David. "I am sorry to keep you waiting this long. It is time for you two to sleep."

"When I know my son will not get sleep tonight away from someone, we can sacrifice a few hours for

He only gives a sad smile at him. David extends his hand signalling him to walk into the mansion. He
follows him inside. Rose sits on the couch and immediately rushes to him as she sees her son. She
could not control her tears as they run down her cheeks. He rubs them off with his bare hands and
pulls her into a hug. She speaks in his ears, "I am proud of you my son. Win her back and don't you
think of giving up."

Saying this she releases him from the embrace. Idri let's go of a heavy sigh and tells them, "She has
conveyed her regards to you both. She will invite you both for lunch next week. Hope you will be free."

"We would love to meet you both at her house." David says excitingly patting his back. Rose curiously
asks him, "Does she talk to you?"

Idri sadly looks at her, "Well, I am not sure. She is always angry at me. She doesn't talk. I try to but she
just cuts me off with her attitude."

Rose gives him a wide smile, "That is what every wife does. She is angry at you and she still loves you.
She is rightfully showing her attitude to her husband."

Idri looked at her disappointed, "Did you teach her to do that? She is spoilt enough."

"We just gossip. I don't have to teach her anything."

David suspiciously asks his wife, "Have you been texting her lately? Do you mind if I check your
phone? I am doubting you both ladies are conspiring against my son to make him more miserable."

"Excuse me Mr. Husband. You don't have to know wife gossips. I didn't teach her anything. She is just
still hurt and broken."

David still did not look convinced at her explanation. He turns to his son and assures him, "Women are
difficult species I tell you. You cannot guess their emotions and their actions. They say something but
will so something else. Very complicated."

Idri giggles remembering the nights when she holds him while being asleep and denies in the morning
that she is not interested to even touch him. Seeing him laugh all by himself, David chuckles and
teases, "Somebody is already in memory land or dreamland."

Rose hits David on his shoulders and he acts out a dramatically "Ouch" that brings Idri back to the
present. He stops smiling as he starts feeling awkward at the moment. He clears his throat and speaks,
"I will go to my room and freshen up. Thank you for being there for me and grateful for your
forgiveness. I have been a bastard."

Rose cups his hands on his face, "Everyone makes mistakes and realising it and moreover correcting
it, is what makes one the greatest. We are with you. She will be back to you soon."

David gives him reassuring smile and he smiles back at both. He walks into his room while his parents
see him walk away as they embrace each other.

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