Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 54 A Second Chance

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Teresa continue to speak as Frieze already zones out. "Life is too short to keep holding on to the
wrongs. He is regretting. He is clinging to you because he has the fear of losing you if at all he goes
away from you. You sent him away for some staycation remember? He was reluctant to go and was
completely pissed at the hotel. He even ended up arguing with Simon that day when he mentioned
about the divorce."

Noticing Frieze not being attentive, she shakes her body "Are you listening to me?"

"Huh? Were you saying something? I am sorry. It's so much to take you know. I can't think straight. I
really need to ponder well about a second chance. It is not that easy you know."

"I get it. Take your time. There is no hurry. But, think of him. I know you since you were in school right. I
will not misguide you."

"I will think about it. Did I tell you that the apartment is in my name? Idri bought that apartment in my

"OMG!" Teresa spoke in excitement.

"I am not sure why he did that."

"You are so boring. You have literally given your heart and soul into the interiors. Obviously he would
buy it for you. He is your husband. At least you will save your salary as savings although Idri has
enough. But, I know you like being financially independent."

"Too serious a discussion. Can we talk something else please? My head will explode otherwise."

"I have an idea. Let's watch my wedding video? We can pass good time and gossip on the clothes and
the amount of food on people's plate."

Frieze squinted her eyes. "We can skip food part."

Teresa burst into laughter and could be heard by Simon and Idri outside. Both men are busy talking
about the turnings happening in their lives. They talk like old friends who are hanging out after a long
time. Simon looks down at his wine glass and speaks, "How is your relationship with Frieze now? Dare
to hurt her, I will kill you."

"She is stubborn and she is not cooperating at all. I have to force some obedience into her in bizarre
ways. But the more she resists me, the more I want to go close to her."

"Don't ruin her personal space in the process. You need to leave her alone at times to actually think
through the events that are happening in her life."

"I know that but I am too scared to death that she will go away somewhere and I cannot even find her."

"It is good that you don't take her love for granted anymore. You did not suffer or struggle for love and
marriage. It's nice to see you finally struggle for true love. Haha.."

"What do you mean? As if you worked hard for so called true love."

"Really? Remember the pain I went through until I was finally able to marry Teresa? I had to literally
beg the universe to help me marry her."

"Yeah yeah I remember everything. This is why I am seeking guidance from you to get my love back.
She loves me and I know it clearly but heartbroken. If only I could mend her heart and accepts me
back." He sadly looks down on the floor pressing his lips out of disappointment.

"Don't give up yet. She is kind hearted. She will definitely think of giving you a second chance. She just
needs some time. Did you tell her about Dori?"

"About what?"

"Her crimes and hysteria?"

"She doesn't talk to me. How on earth will I tell anything. Everytime I tried to talk or get close, she gives
me the look of a monster." He rolls his eyes and pats his shoulders to console himself.

"Well you deserve that too." Simon winks as he teases him.

"Are you my friend or my enemy? I am confused."

"I am your wife's older brother like. I am mocking my brother in law."

"That is why you have an ass."

"Bigger one than yours. Anyways, it is time for dinner. I need to make sure Teresa eats on time."

Simon and Idri walks into the room where Teresa and Frieze chatted happily like teenage girls. They
walked forward but got ignored. Both the men frowned and looked at each other with disappointment.
They did not even care to glance at them.

Simon clears his throat and fakes loud cough, "It is time for dinner." Idri goes up to the connection
board and switches off the television. Simon says again, "It is time for dinner." Idri proudly smiles as the
ladies looks at him angrily. They reluctantly stands up and Frieze holds her hand walking her up to the
dining area. Their husbands followed after them.

Luther, the housekeeper serves the dinner that has been brought by Idri and Frieze from home.
Additionally, since Teresa was craving for Chinese food, Luther supervised the cook to prepare
manchurian balls for her. They chatted during the dinner like old college friends after a long time. They
forgot all the worries and Teresa suggested, "We should really do this often you know. This get together
thing. I feel so happy."

Idri nodded and spoke, "Yes we can. It has been really long that we gathered this way. Teresa, you may
not have time in the future for the get together as you will be busy running after your twins."


Simon interrupted, "We are having twins Teresa. I didn't want to tell you earlier since you were already
so worried about the pregnancy."

Frieze spoke excitingly, "Woohoo. Eat triple now. Two shares for your twins and one share for yourself.
These are godmother orders."

Teresa's eyes became watery but she controlled her tears. Simon kissed her forehead and she kissed
him back in his cheek. Idri looked at Frieze and complained, "See this is how husband and wife should
be. You are always angry at me. You don't even kiss me." He starts eating leaving her in an
embarassing situation. Teresa covers her mouth to hide her laugh while Simon extends his arm to pat
Idri's shoulders showing him support.

She didn't know what to say but looked at him angrily. Idri complained again, "See. You are angry
again. This is what I am talking about."

"Will you stop complaining like a kid? Concentrate on your food. Huh."

She ignores him and starts eating. Simon and Teresa keeps quiet too to avoid any arguments. Idri
looks at her helplessly and he starts eating too.

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