Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 55 Dori Is Dead!

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In the other part of the globe, Dori has been admitted to a rehab treating hysteric patients. Her trials are
beginning from next month. Her assistant, Mike who was in a relationship with her spoke all her hidden
secrets to reduce the severity of his punishment. Though he will not be given life imprisonment for
helping the police trace evidences against her, he will still be behind bars for a few years. He also
mentioned about being threatened for murder and career being in danger if he refused to sleep with
her. She has ended the career of several models and have even got one of the promising female
fashion designers murdered after she was featured in a fashion magazine instead of her. She has also
stolen several designs and even bribed people to sell their designs to her. The source of money was
her own father, Mr. Kane. Since he decided to move overseas to his new family and second wife, Idri
did not take any action against him. Irrespective of spoiling Dori with money, he knew that he was
clueless about her actions. Moreover, he has worked in his company as a loyal employee. Now, that
Mr. Kane has left everything behind, he has also abandoned Dori. If at all Dori knew that he had a
second family, they would had been killed by now. The only person the police could contact since Mr.
Kane was nowhere to be traced was her mother, Mr. Kane’s first wife. She denied her responsibility
claiming that the custody was intentionally given to her father because she has a career to look after.
She always considered her career to be her utmost priority. When Dori requested her to hire a lawyer
for her and fight her case, she refused to help her as she did not want unnecessary media attention in
turn affecting her cosmetic industry. Dori got depressed eventually finding no support from her own
parents. She blamed herself for not giving them enough time or caring about them. The only times she
would remember them was whenever she needed money. Now that her guilt overcomes her, she
realizes her mistake.

Her last hope was Idri but his calls never went through. She even tried to dial his number from a phone
booth but it was disconnected. It has been a month already but she could not have enough money to
return to the bankers. They have been extending her deadline from past few days but all she planned
was to run away. She gave away all her money that she saved and even gave away Mike’s money by
promising his bail. However, she did not help him get released from the prison but used it to pay a

quarter to the bankers. He felt ditched and that was how he decided to cooperate with the cops to help
them find the evidences of murder and theft against her. The cops put her into treatment for depression
and soon, she was diagnosed with hysteria. She is undergoing rehabilitation under the supervision of
the legal authorities. The bank has relieved her from accusations of bankruptcy due to her mental

Few days passed and she could feel the loneliness around her. She is worried about the punishment
that will be legally enforced on her once she recovers and goes back to the prison. Mike is also against
her now and she feels the whole world has conspired against her. Succumb to depression, she
eventually starts forming suicidal thoughts and plans to kill herself. She has attempted to kill herself
several times in prison and she was moved to a counseling center where she lives. As Idri and Fenzie
walks back from office one day, Idri receives a phone call from Tony. A smile spreads across Idri’s face
when he hears the news of Dori’s death. He spoke over the phone robotically, “Dori was undergoing
treatment in a rehab as you know. Today evening, she jumped off her room that was on the seventh
floor. By the time, she was sent to the hospital, she was already declared dead. She has been suffering
from depression and hysteria since her college days. She has been hiding her illness and secretly
seeking treatment while she ran away to California when you came to K city then. Her fashion
designing was a part of her therapy but she used several evil means to climb the top and even used
her mother’s name for fame. In those three years where she was not out of sight, she actually moved
out for her treatment. Mr. Kane paid all her medical expenses for three years. This is all the information
I have for her and the rest you know it already.”

Idri looked satisfied with the information he gathered. Her death did not move him at all. He texted Mr.
Kane informing and apologizing for his loss. Only Idri had his secret number and all the other phone
numbers were cancelled. Mr. Kane received the news and lacked emotions too. However, he did
request Idri to give her a good funeral and he agreed to it. Tony flew to California to take care of the
funeral proceedings the other day. He had no interest to see her for the last time. Dori’s mother on the
news played the victim to gain sympathy from her followers using her daughter’s death as a trump

card. Tony frowned as he saw the news update on his phone after keeping the phone. After Dori
related instructions were sorted and the rest of the mess was cleaned, Idri threw his phone reluctantly
on the other side of the sofa. Seeing him so tired yet proud at his accomplishment, she asked him,
“What makes you smile so much? What happened to Dori?”

“She jumped off the rehab building and killed herself.”

“Are you not sad?”

“She is a murderer, she ended career of several, she took huge loan from banks but never repaid, she
was into depression and also diagnosed with hysteria.”

“That is not the answer to my question.”

“That home wrecker is now dead. Forget about her and think about us.”

She pursed her lips but refrained from saying anything. He looked at her with questioning eyes, “Think
about us. I am still waiting for you in my heart.”

He gave a sad smile to her and reluctantly walked out of the house with his coat. He rode to his
mansion where Rose and David were waiting for him to know his situation with Fenzie plus he needed
a little more mental support to tolerate her coldness. He was getting emotionally drowned and she
could already feel by the sadness in his eyes. She does not say anything but looks at him dragging
himself out of the house.

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