Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 53: Teresa Says It All

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Frieze enters Teresa room. Seeing the pregnant lady in front of her, she smiles with joy. Her mood lifts
up instantly after seeing her bright face. She hugs her tight and Teresa hugs her back like she was
longing for it. “Congratulations! I am so happy for you. I am sorry that I could not come earlier. Idri told
me about you today.”

“You have been going through a lot already. Your married life is already stressful. I didn’t want to
trouble you anyway.”

“So, if Idri would not have told me, I would have never known. How mean!”

“I am sorry. I will tell you everything from now on that relates to my pregnancy. Now cheer up.”

“Alright. Any help you need; I will just be a call away. How are you feeling?”

“Well, when I found out I was pregnant, I actually freaked out. I am not sure if am ready but this baby
inside me already seems like my own.”

“It is inside you and so obviously it’s your own. You are so lame.”

“Oh God! Stop being logical. I meant I could already feel motherhood. The feelings are just so strong
you know. I am nervous. I have 8 months to go and I feel all the bodily changes you know. I am gaining
weight, I feel skin dryness and dizzy too at times. I am hungry and craving for yummy food like all the
time. At the same time, I am having nausea.”

“Haha… Welcome to the world of pregnancy. You should cherish every moment and motherhood is just
great. I will be the godmother.”

“Yes, a strong godmother.” She smiles at her. She continues, “He or she will be your child’s elder
sibling too.”

The smile on Frieze’s face goes away. Teresa could see the sadness in her eyes. She cups her hands
in hers and asks, “How is everything between you and Idri? I have heard from Simon that he is really
trying hard to have you back.”

“I don’t know what am I supposed to do. He is so clingy that I am not even getting time to sit alone and
think through. He just does not leave me alone both at office and at home. The only time I am alone is
in the washroom I guess.”

“Don’t worry. He will start following you there too.”

“Teresa, stop! I am confused and super serious at the moment. All of you really talk shameless.”

“Birds of same feather always flock together.”

She summarizes her everything that has been happening including today’s intimate scene right outside
their house before coming over to her house.

Teresa’s eyes are open wide, “Did he just enter your panty?”

“He did not, just the hands. I was wet by then. So awkward. The most embarrassing moment of my life.
I am not sure how I could not control his intimacy.” She pouts sadly.

“Why on earth will you control love making in the first place? He is still your husband. He very much
loves you as you love him. I could notice his love for you. When you left his house, he went insane. To
top it all, the hospitalization. While you lay in the hospital bed unconscious, he was there in the hospital
as the attendant. Do you know this?”

“What? I thought Rose was there with me.”

“Nope. He was there spending sleepless nights. He was even talking to you with tears in his eyes while
you were in comatose state. He regrets what he did. He is heartbroken and I believe it is much more

than yours. He broke your heart but his is worst when guilt hovers the broken heart.”

Frieze froze and was consumed in thoughts. She was clueless what should be her next step.

“What happened to Dori? Oh I completely forgot about her.”

“Idri bankrupt her. She was already dating several men and enjoying loads of one night stands with
many models and fashion designers in her industry. She has also been involved in murder of one
female designer from whom she stole the designs. As she was found guilty of idea theft, before she
could sue her, she paid some handsome money to get her killed. However, she made it more like an

“What? Is this true? Where have I been that I don’t know anything?”

“That is because Dori is not that popular. She tried to use Idri for fame as well as money you see. She
never had plans to be with him. She wanted to marry and get divorced to receive all the alimony. Do
you know she has hysteria?”

“It is too much news to bare. Your child is listening too.”

“I want my child to listen so that as he or she grows up, they will be careful from snakes like Dori.”

“Does Idri know so much about her and then why did he date her while still being married to me?”

“You are still a kid Frieze. Of course he did not know in the beginning but at the same time he realized
that his notion of dating her was just sympathy since he felt he is the one who ditched her. After you left
his house, he realized that he cannot live without you. He knew it from before that you are the only one
in his heart.”

“This cannot be true. He gave me divorce papers to sign.”

“He did not want to sign them. He was as usual provoked by Dori. When you signed the papers without
any emotions, he was actually hurt when Simon told him about it.”

“So what happens to Dori now? She has committed theft, murder, hysteria and bankruptcy.”

“She is going to be behind bars very soon. Idri is not going to let her escape her sins so soon.”

“I thought he was a smart ass but he got fooled himself.”

“Because he is a nice person. He really loves you. He was at his worst when you started ignoring him
right from the days in his mansion. I think everyone gets a chance to repent and correct their mistakes.”

Frieze had tears rolling down her cheeks and Teresa is quick to wiping them. She smiles at her and
hugs her. She breathes heavily and speaks, “I need some time though. My life has become a roller
coaster at the moment. What happened to those divorce papers?”

“Those papers? He just burnt it after tearing it into pieces. Good that you left his home. He deserved
the terrible feeling he had in his heart.”

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