Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 31: Busy Frieze

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Alex and Peter stopped talking for a while and shifted their gaze to Frieze who looked upset.

Peter asked, "Is there anything bothering you? Who was calling you?"

"Idri. My soon going to be ex-husband."

"He left a gorgeous and smart woman like you. He should not disturb you anymore."

Alex interrupted the conversation, "Did he seem concerned? You know Peter, when I was in her house,
her husband was giving me dagger looks. I was afraid he would just stand up from his chair at any
moment and punch me right on my face. He looked so jealous and possessive."

Peter looked shocked. Alex continued while Frieze frowned.

"He did not seem too happy I tell you. His girl was right next to him and he was busy staring at her from
top to bottom. He did not even reply to my greetings. Then, he said that we can have dinner with them
and he was like 'why go out'."

Frieze rolled her eyes and folded her hands looking defensive.

"I don't care how he was feeling at that moment. He has his girl and I have my new single life all by
myself. I am going to live it and kick some asses. Haha.."

Peter felt emotional and held Frieze's hand. "More power to you girl. You deserve someone much
better than him. He does not deserve you at all. I mean just look at you. I am sure you don't have any
shortage of good men around you am sure. You will find someone who truly loves you."

Frieze gave a smile to both and spoke sadly, "I am not a believer of true love anymore and I would not
believe any man even if they say he loves me. I am so done with these things. I have been fooled
once. I don't want to repeat my mistake. I just wish he would be happy with his love. He is not my

enemy. I have cherished and lived some of the best moments of my life with him. He was always there
for me. I don't hate him and maybe I still have feelings for him which I am sure will go off one day as I
forget him eventually."

She wiped a tear that rolled down her cheek and paused.

"I still want to see him happy always. So, I left and decided to go away just for his happiness. I
convinced everyone at home and even his best friend to just normalise things for everyone. They seem
to be doing well. I know they are upset and they just feel that I have been wronged but life goes on you.
Shit Happens. I don't want to stick to my problems. I prefer to find a solution and the solution is to begin
a new life and rock it. I want everyone to be happy for me. I am strong and need everyone to stay
strong. Let's just forget the negatives. Cheers to a new beginning to me. Shall we?"

They cheered with their glasses. After dinner, they all moved to Alex's apartment. They were tired but
had to book the furniture for Frieze. Peter, Alex and Frieze got busy with the list of requirements for
new house. They were searching for furniture online. Peter was a pro in finding the best furniture deals
in the city. Alex helped her in shopping grocery, cutlery and other household needs. She will receive the
house keys tomorrow and the furniture will be arriving by afternoon. They will have lot of work setting
everything up and hence, all three decided to bunk office for a change.

"Project plan for Frieze home is ready to be executed Ma'am." People made the tone of the robot as he
spoke. They all laughed in union. It was already 2am by the time they slept. They were exhausted. Alex
and Peter lived in a two room house and they were kind enough to let her stay in one of the rooms. On
the way home, Peter insisted on buying a new dress for office instead of going all the way to Idri's
house. It will be convenient for her to just stay in their house and be ready in her new clothing for a new
home. Alex agreed with Peter. Frieze had no choice but she felt it was a great idea though. She did not
argue much and at the time of leaving, she informed Rose that she won't be coming home that night.
She would set her house first and maybe return to Idri's house in the evening. She would be able to

leave home during the weekends but she had a plan. She would be too sad to leave the house and she
does not want anyone to see that look of hers. Seeing Rose and David and her husband, she is afraid
she would breakdown and become weak. She had a plan to send them away while she leaves home in
the upcoming weekend. She can cry one last time remembering her first day in the house as Idri's wife.

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