Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 51: A Baby?

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They did not speak with each other. She was completely engrossed in reading the file in front of her.
She was hoping to complete at least thirty percent of the reading and also understand the financial
analysis for it. However, the report was longer than she thought. Idri frowned from time to time for being
ignored by her whole time. She even refused to have lunch and so he had to feed her. When she
refused to be fed by her, he quickly pulled her closer and kissed her passionately until she agreed to be
obedient. His force on her is something she could not match. Also, she was hungry too. Alex and Peter
went on a lunch date and she had no room to join them at any cost. Simon was at home with Teresa
taking care of her. She was totally stuck with her husband and she felt as if the whole universe is
conspiring against her. When she was leaving him and his mansion, she felt all were friends there by
her side. Now, that this person is pestering her, it seems like everyone is favoring him and she has
been completely left alone by his side.

It was already 5 PM when Idri naturally walked up to her and said, “Let’s go. We need to go to Simon
and Teresa’s house. She is a little demotivated, it will be great if you give her some courage during her

“I will try my best.” She closes her file immediately and picks her phone as well as her bag to leave.
She forgets to turn off the office laptop. Noticing this, he seductively moves towards her. Thinking he
would kiss her again like in the afternoon, she looks away. He bends down and her beats faster. He
could already feel the nervousness in her and he smiles wide. He shuts down her laptop and stands up
setting his coat. She shockingly looks at him and turns to the laptop which is now switched off. She
realizes what he did and she is all embarrassed. He excitingly speaks, “What were you thinking? I was
just switching off your laptop that you forget. You really think dirty my wife. At least my influence is
working on you.” He laughs and she shows him a fist signaling danger. He laughs, “Now let’s go. If we
end up making love here, we will reach their place only tomorrow.”

Her face instantly turns red and rushes out of the office. He runs after her still laughing at her nervous
shy reaction. She turns to see if he is coming too, he mischievously smiles and she squints her eyes
looking at her. The rest of the office people smile looking at their cute exchanges. No one is aware of
the divorce except their common friends that also includes Alex and Peter now. Idri had another plan
on mind. They both settle themselves in the car and he proposes the idea that they go home first to
change. She does not find anything unusual in the idea and agrees. He smiles at her naïve nature who
is clueless what he is up to. He drives very slowly and she already looks irritated with his slow drive.
She turns to him, “Why are you driving so slow? You were the one talking about being late right? I left
my work midway.”

“Chill. I have brought some things for Simon and Teresa. Make sure you collect them from the living
room on our way there since it is our child’s elder sibling.”

She screamed in shock, “What? Who is our child?”

“Don’t panic. Isn’t it natural for a married couple to have a child? I mean not now. When you are ready, I
will get you ready.” He winks at her.

“Why are you shameless?”

“I am asking my wife to give me a baby. You cannot get pregnant by yourself. Why are you shy? You
will need me anyway.”

She is clueless. “We are divorced. No baby happening.” She looks away looking outside the window
with a sad smile spread across her face. She feels hurt from the inside but play it cool. Idri’s face turns
dark hearing her. He doesn’t say anything but speeds his car. The fifteen minutes’ drive becomes only
five minutes. They did not speak to each other as they head home. Both of their mood is off now. He
takes the keys of her house from his pocket that Tony handed him before he was driving back home
with Frieze. The key chain had both of their names carved in between a heart. It was a wooden key

chain and their names were engraved on it. As he opened the door, Fenzie could only notice the key
chain and stood there dumbstruck. He placed the keys on the side table and walked inside the room to
freshen up. Meanwhile, Fenzie picks up the key chain and looks at it closely. Her heart skips a beat. He
loudly bangs the door of the washroom and she could guess he is angry for what she said in the car.
She does not feel guilty for what she said as she knows it is the truth. She places the key chain back
where he left it.

She goes to the kitchen to make herself a cup of coffee to refresh her mind. She prepares an extra cup
for Idri too although she did not want to. But, hospitality is something that is in her nature as she thinks
he is a guest in her house now. As she places both the cups on the table and waits for him to join her,
she sees a yellow envelope on the table. Her heart sank as she thought it was the divorce papers that
she has been waiting for. She thought to herself, ‘why are you nervous? Open the envelope and read it.
Didn’t you desperately wait for the stamped divorce papers?’ She sighed and her hands were shaking
as she picked up the envelope. She slowly took out the papers while her heart seemed to be crushed
inside her chest. Her eyes open wide as she read through the paper. It was an agreement of property
sale deed. The house she rented out is now hers. Idri brought the house for her and she could keep the
house as her own asset for the rest of her life. As she seriously read through each and every word on
the paper, Idri stood there noticing her astonishment. He clears his throat grabbing her attention
towards him and she wait to hear for an explanation. He sits on the table, picks up his coffee mug and
takes a sip while his eyes glued to her beautiful face.

“Happy? It is my birthday gift to you. Since you like this house so much, I brought it for you as a gift. I
feel it is too small but I still think it is cute. This could be our breakaway home whenever we feel like.”

She did not say anything. She looked completely lost. Seeing her so silent, he continued, “We are not
divorced yet. You are still my wife. I am still your husband. Let’s stay in peace. It hurts when you are so
cold with me. I want my old love back.”

She still didn’t say anything. She had already planned her life without him and she has already left
thinking they are divorce. She comes back to her senses and an eerie air of tension exists in the
kitchen. She clears her throat and finally speaks, “I could see some food freshly prepared today on the
kitchen slab. Did you ask someone to cook it?” He was expecting to her something else from her but
was disappointed at her ignorance. After a few minutes he finally spoke, “I cooked it. We can take it to
Simon’s house and eat there. I cooked enough.”

She became suspicious. She certainly knew he was lying as he reached office right after thirty minutes
in the morning today and the food is still hot which could mean that it has been prepared only an hour
ago. He was with her throughout her time in office glancing at her from time to time which made her
feel like a prisoner being watched by a guard for the fear of running away. She folded her hands in front
of her chest and looked at him questionably. He pretended to be innocent, “What is that look for?”

“You are such a liar. The food is still hot. When did you come home and cook? You were with me whole
time in office guarding me like a prisoner as if I will run away if you leave me for a moment. You cannot
lie to me did you forget?”

He starts sweating even though he just took a quick shower. He rolls his eyes at her and smiles giving
up seeing her questioning eyes, “Fine! You caught me. I told Julie to come over and cook for us. Then,
I thought to go to Simon’s place if he needs our support, so I informed her to cook some extra. I left the
kitchen in mess as I had to chase you back in office. So, Julie did all the cleaning too.”

“Next time, don’t try to impress me with your lies.”

He pouts, “You are so cold towards my feelings, I just cannot help.” A silent atmosphere comes into
effect and they look at each other’s eyes. A phone ring interrupts them. It is from Simon. He reluctantly
picks it up and Frieze realizing what just happened, she walks away into her room to change.

“Yes Dude. You just interrupted my romantic moment. Why are you calling?”

“Excuse me? Frieze is too angry to be romantic with you. You are not there yet. Did you not say that
you will be here by 6PM? I am checking in case you have forgotten.”

“No I have not. We just came home to change. She is melting. I somehow feel that. I am hopeful I can
win her back. I saw the love that I saw for the first time ever.”

“Keep trying dude. Come over soon. We can talk here. Do not annoy her. If you hurt my childhood
friend again, I will surely commit murder.”

“I won’t. I was an asshole. I have fallen and learnt my lesson. She is my life. I am nothing without her.”

“Good that you finally realize that. See you later.”

“See you. Thanks man.”

They both hung up. He screams at Fenzie from the kitchen, “Simon called and have asked us to come
soon. Get ready fast darling.”

She replies robotically, “10 minutes and I am done Sir.”

He giggles at her tone and licks his lips imagining her together with him all over

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