Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 50: Annoyed

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This man has gone crazy. Just crossed his limits. He stays in my house without my permission and
now, bought my previous company. He is shameless. I cannot believe this is the same guy who gave
me divorce papers and left me for his ex-girlfriend. Now he is just pestering me in the most cheapest
way he can. What is wrong with him? Has he fallen in love with me again? Is he just hoping that I will
accept him back in my life if he is around me 24x7?

He changed my career root. I want to manage work under human resources and not some shopping
center. When did Mr. Kane reach the retirement age? As far as I know, I remember he still had some
eight years for retirement. I hope this crazy man in front of me didn't kill him. Maybe he has given him
good perks and luxury since he is soon going to be his father in law after he marries Dori. A father in
law working under his son in law as a personal assistant won't feel that great I guess. It is none of my
concern what he does. The only thing is, I want him out of my life. I was pretty upset and the break
down was something I did not expect. I didn't even realise how emotionally stressed I was until the
doctor in the hospital mentioned. I cannot go through that again. I am fine now but I am all the more
angry at my so called job, the contract and this husband flirting with me all the time. If we had a good
relationship, his flirty comments used to make me laugh and blush at the same time. Now things are
different. I hate the man in front of me. I have started to get irritated with his flirting tone. He better stop
pestering me.

Oh I remember him telling me about Teresa. I feel guilty asking about the divorce papers to Simon.
Without even bothering in the kind of situation he is in, I selfishly just ordered him to send the divorce
papers. Let me apologize and drop him a text 'Hey Simon, hope Teresa is fine. I am sorry about
bringing up my matter without pondering about how well you guys have been. Congratulations to both
of you on your pregnancy.'

Idri kept looking at her from time to time but she was engrossed with her business like he did not exist
in the room. He was irritated seeing his wife not paying attention to him. He calls out to her after
minutes of thinking, "Hey wifey, won't you make your husband a cup of coffee? I made you a cup of
coffee. Now it's your turn." He gave her a mischievous smile.

She ignored him completely. After a while, she spoke, "I didn't tell you to make me coffee. Please get
your ass up and make it yourself. I am not here to make coffee for you. It is not mentioned in the

He laughs hearing her speak. He has already dissolved the contract but she is clueless about it and he
will continue to blackmail her. He needs to get her back by whatever means. He speaks confidently, "As
long as you be a good wife and be kind to me, I will cancel the contract at least the compensation
amount of breaking the contract."

Her eyes lit hearing this. She starts thinking in her mind, 'He is so irritating and annoying. What does he
want from me? He is smart ass. Now I know how he became a CEO. I need to be a good wife to leave
the company. So unprofessional. He cannot mix his marriage to work. This is not fair. I hate him. I will
just work well on this project and give my resignation as making the project successful. That is all I can
do.' She feels bad about the coffee next to her. Her heart softens. She stands up and walks up to the
coffee machine preparing a cup. She walked up to his table and placed the cup next to his laptop. She
didn't look at him and turned to go back to her desk.

Her hand was grabbed by him and he pulled her towards him. He slowly stood up and lifted her face
directly looking into her eyes. He pulled her closer and locked both her hands behind her back. She
agitated and tried to release herself. He kissed her lips tasting them. She could feel his breath. She
froze on the spot. She came back to her senses and moved her face away. He did not release her
hands. She stepped on his shoes so that he leaves her but he continues to look deep into her eyes. A
broad smile appears on his face and her face turns pale the moment he releases her hand.

"It was my way of thanking my wife for making me coffee." Her palm turns into a fist. He looks at him
angrily and turns away without saying anything. He sits back at his chair too. He is amused by the way
she shivered just like she always did whenever he kissed her during their time as a happy couple. He is
happy that she still feels hot and froze with his passionate kisses. Her nervous face tells it all although
she tries to hide.

Frieze was lost in thoughts, 'Did he just kiss me? How dare he? There was a time these kisses used to
make me forget the world. Now I feel disgusted. He is so passionate when it comes to kissing. He must
have gone crazy. If his girlfriend comes to know what he has been doing lately, she will kill me instead
for sure.'

A beep in her phone distracted her. Idri's attention too went to her phone's beep message. It was from
Simon, it read, "Hey Frieze. Welcome to the team. Hope you like the office set up. Idri personalized
everything for you. Thank you for your wishes. You want to come home and have a woman to woman
chat with Teresa? She is really nervous about the pregnancy as this is the first time."

Idri walked up to her with curiosity and his eyes questioned her about the text messages. She saw her
busy with her phone even before making coffee. She spoke, "It is not some lover of mine. Stop being
so curious. It is Simon asking me to come over to talk and encourage Teresa as she is nervous about
her pregnancy."

Idri spoke instantly, "Let's go to their place after office together. Let him know that we will bring some
food on our way to have for dinner."

Without paying a thought, Frieze texted as he said. He patted her head like she was a pet and moved
back to his workplace. "You spoilt my hairstyle. Don't do that again." She screamed at him with an
annoying tone.

He giggled and winked at her blowing away a flying kiss towards her. She showed him a fist signalling
that she would punch him. He laughed again and taunted, "Get back to work, I am not paying you for
fighting with me."

She felt embarrassed and turned her attention immediately to the file in front of

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